Free Education Dulls Down Kids With Disinformation – QES Coming!

free education

It’s true! Free education dulls down kids and it’s exactly what it’s planned to do!

Unfortunately, we have entrusted our children’s education into the hands of our enemy! This has given them the right to teach their own ideology and train up our children with a belief system that goes against God and love of country.

No wonder our young ones are so confused!

Seventy years it’s been going on… seventy years! Most of us have come under their training. And, because we have not realised the full intention and purpose of their evil curriculum, we have allowed it to come to the current stage.

Now the children are taught things that are not normal, but their little minds are like sponges so they soak it all up.

It’s time for all of us, grandparents, parents, care-givers, to stand up and say ‘No more’! We need to stand against our governments who are under the control of the Ca/b/al and demand they stand down.

It is too late to remind them that they work for us, not we for them. They have gone too far.

Just be sure to read the end of this post… the wonderful Quantum Educational System is coming!

… Transcript begins …

Free Education Disinformation

If you look at how do you change society, well one of the things you obviously do is you go after the next generation. You do that through the education system and that’s exactly what has happened. The Marxist movement in America has done exactly that.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin – Host Generations Radio & Author ‘Apostate’

The education system establishes the direction for a future. It sets the hearts and the minds and the perspectives of the next generation. Everybody knows how important it is.

Kevin Swanson (American Family Radio & Host, ‘Focal Point’

They know if they can get control of our children and they can pop their ideology into these young hungry brains they virtually can have them captive as prisoners for life.

Brain Fischer (American Family radio)

And you’re doing it all under the banner of being internationally clever (?), or college ready, or career ready. So the euphemisms hide the actual intent.

Robin Eubanks (author ‘Credentialed to Destroy’

Euphemism means:

  • A polite expression used in place of words or phrases that might otherwise be considered harsh or unpleasant. (Your Dictionary)
  • Intended to make a bad situation look less offensive and a bit tolerable, or outright hilarious. (Inspiration Feed)
  • Words (or phrases) we can use to talk about negative stuff without sounding too negative! (Clark & Miller)
  • A figure of speech commonly used to replace a word or phrase that is related to a concept which might make others uncomfortable. (Literary Devices)

Three common euphemism examples:

  • ‘He’s vertically challenged’ means… he’s short!
  • ‘She’s getting on’ means… she’s old!
  • ‘It left a lot to be desired’ means… it was pretty bad.

Let’s continue…

The father of global education, Robert Muller was the assistant secretary general of the United Nations and the creator of the World Core Curriculum. He said ‘The goal was to promote growth of the:

  • Group Idea, so that
  • Group Good,
  • Groups Understanding,
  • Group Interrelations,
  • and Group Goodwill… will lead to

His World Core Curriculum was pushed in America:

  • by George Bush Senior as America 2000
  • renamed by Bill Clinton as Goals 2000
  • then given a face-lift to become George Bush Junior’s No Child left behind
  • which was the driving force behind Barack Obama’s Common Core

It’s all the same thing, Republican or Democrat, progressing down the same road of complete brain-washing. Since John (?), the entire focus of education by the elites has been to as quickly as possible move the children to a collectivists mind-set.

Karl Marx’s stated it plainly for all to see

The tenth plank of the Communistic Manifesto states:

‘Provide a free education, by the state for all children and to combine education with industrial production.’

Bill gates has teamed up with the United Nations to build the model that will help our schools simply be a tax-paid training ground for corporate America.

In the end most of this tracks back to the people who would benefit financially from a more government centred economy because they are (?), they’re already political players, they don’t want to worry about competition.

Robin Eubanks (Author ‘Credentialed to Destroy’

Not only is competition eliminated but employees are created. The type who would be content to work sixty or seventy hours a week in a dead-end corporate job that just paid enough to survive.

No way!

Traditionally, Americans would have no interest in that! They would have wanted to use all their individual talents and abilities that God had given them. They’d want to do a hundred different things in their life… invent things… start new businesses, change the world! And the elites didn’t want any of that so it had to be destroyed.

It’s like we’re going after Marx’s vision and at the same time making it impossible as well. Because the mind necessary to get an amenable voter means that the wealth that you’re planning on redistributing is really gone. You just don’t know it!

Robin Eubanks

Just as I was beginning to dig in I realised I was making a big mistake. The temptations on all these different issues is to not accept the reality of how things really are.

The bottom line is that our enemies are in control of the schools so there is no fix. I know you don’t want to hear that because I don’t want to hear that, but it’s true.

They want our kids to be useless idiots… they want them to be dependent on the state… that’s the goal of the whole thing so they will repackage, rename, rebrand the same old thing over and over again.

It is intentionally going downhill. We have to grasp this – IT… IS… PURPOSEFUL!

We legitimize them!

We legitimize them by acting like they just don’t have a good idea and we have a better one… they know exactly what they’re doing. They want to create a new world man that is dependent on government for his very existence.

So to even talk about Common Core, debating it’s good points or bad point is playing into their plan of side-tracking all of our energies and efforts on a dead-end road. Even without Common Core, the schools are completely bankrupt and destroying our children.

We have seen a decline now for seventy straight years without any interruption. As long as the government has a monopoly on education we will keep getting what we have.

…and the end result is to make our children and those educated under this influence to make them unfit to govern themselves (?).

Dr Alan Keyes

… End Transcript …

Here is the 5 minute video I transcribed:

Dumbing us down for decades – Schools are government training facilities

Unfortunately, we’ve paid a price for free government education

As we hear the words of this video, and/or read the script, it tends to make you feel sick. Most all of us have been subjected to this kind of education, but in most cases, we had no idea of their intentions.

The new Quantum Educational System (QES) is coming

But listen… something really good is on the way!

As we see the financial world move over onto the Quantum Financial System which will take care of all the evil practices that have been going on in the financial world, the great news is we also have the Quantum Educational System coming too.

This QES is rewriting history. I mean, the way our history really happened… not the way history has been taught to us in school. It’s going to be amazing.

Exciting example of what the QES will reveal…

Our whole educational system will be turned on its head. No longer will it be in control of those with a different, and evil, agenda to ours.

I cannot tell you how education will be carried out in the future, I only know that it will be in good hands, and therefore there will be a very good result.

When you look back over your life, can’t you see how the government free education dulled us all down? Many were fortunate to attend private schools who may have been saved from a lot of this, or maybe not. It’s hard to tell.

Pray the QES will come quickly so that free education will be run by the good teachers of this world. Learning will become wonderful again so we’ll all want to go back to school! Imagine teachers being taught truth and the ability to pass on truth so we all will achieve?


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