Nuremberg Code – How To Know Your Rights Today!

Nuremberg Code

How many of you know and understand the Nuremberg Code or have any idea of how it relates to us?

As for me, it did ring some kind of bell, but I couldn’t have told you anything concerning it. But now I know how important it is, I want to help others understand too.

People everywhere consider they ‘have to’ have the jab! It’s like it’s a law somewhere. Because of this, people are lining up and believing they are doing the right thing, not only for themselves, but for humanity.

When you ask certain people as to why they took the jab, they simply reply… “It’s what you’ve got to do!”

Now, if they were aware of the Nuremberg Code that was put in place back in 1947, they wouldn’t be in the position of thinking it’s what they have to do.

A shortened version

When people truly consider each point of the Nuremberg Code, do they really believe that the right thing is happening for them?

Do they truly comprehend what’s involved?

Also, do they fully realise that the C/o/v/i/d jab has not been certified? It’s only experimental?

Why is it important to know the Nuremberg Code?

I would suggest that you to print off a copy of the Nuremberg Code and keep it in your purse or wallet. Take it wherever you go. Read it often so you can eventually talk about it knowledgeably. You could need it anytime. I know that not everyone is capable of committing it, or the principles involved, to memory,

It states quite clearly, you cannot legally force anyone to get a vaccine. And, if people do decide to have the jab, they should be aware of exactly what they are about to do.

Look what happened here:

British Airways Captains

It happened in England the other day where they forced all the captains on British Airways to have a vaccination. After they got through 80%, four of them died in the first week.

British Airways contacted the British Government and told them that they had lost four captains! They talked to their insurance company who told them they will not insure them if any of the captains, or first officers, took the vaccination!

So they said to the government… “You’re going to have to insure us!”

The government just said… “Nah… we’re not going to insure you!”!

Dr Charlie Ward

So now they are in an extremely awkward place… what will they do?

Everyone is hearing that having the j/a/b and flying do not make a good mix. Blood clots can form on any air travel, but considering the j/a/b is making it a whole lot worse, what on earth will they do?

Do we, the un/j/a/b/b/e/d, even want to fly on a plane where both the Captain and the Co-Pilot have taken the j/a/b? How would it be if both suffer and are no longer able to fly the plane?

I’m sorry, that is not a very nice thing, but hey, it’s something we must all consider.

The Doctors’ Trial

To gain information about the Doctors’ Trial held after World War II, please click here. It was conducted by the International Military Tribunal.

We must make people aware of this. The Nuremberg Code is put there to stop crimes against humanity. Many of these doctor’s were sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

The Nuremberg Code was written and now it’s against the law for anyone to be forced into having the j/a/b, and if they agree to it, they must know and completely comprehend exactly what they are doing, and what they are receiving.

Anyone found involved in knowingly causing harm, or using a forceful manner, will have broken the law and face the death penalty. These doctor’s had sworn an oath to ‘do no harm” and had broken that oath.

Any government official or medical advisor who tells the people that the so-called ‘vac/cine’ is harmful, knowing full well that many are dying or suffering terribly, are at risk of facing exactly what the doctor’s above faced. This is very serious business.

People are not being informed, both of the contents of the j/a/b, or that so many people are experienced adverse reactions. The Nuremberg Code is being broken all around the world.

Please share this information on so that people everywhere can become familiar with the Nuremberg Code and from that, stand up for their rights. Could be, their lives depend on it.



  1. Hi Marilyn, I have learned so much from your web site. It’s been so helpful to me and thank you for providing so much
    encouragement for all of us.
    I am amazed by the fact that the deep state and all those involved should stand trial for deliberately murdering thousands of innocent people? Shouldn’t they be publicly tried for these crimes? Like at Nurenberg? They planned it. They did it. An example should be made of them for all the world to see.
    God bless you, Marilyn

    • Hi Brenda!
      I guess everyone deserves a trial to prove absolutely what they have done. In time to come we will witness many of them leaving this world… not a pretty thought really, but very necessary so we all know they met their just reward.
      Those who have confessed and have agreed to aid the investigations will not be executed before the public. They are the ones that ‘test positive for Co/vid’. This is code language for those who have taken a deal. They will most probably die a ‘mysterious death’ at some point in time, such as a suicide or an accident etc. We know what that means, but the public won’t.
      The only real way the White Hats will be able to totally clean out the filthy swamp is through the aid of those that know who else is involved… right down to the very last one.

  2. Thank you for your wonderfully written article. Sister Mary’s Social Studies class was many decades ago.

    I just joined your Telegram group.

    Stay safe.

  3. hello Marilyn! just came across your article as its the first one popped up when i search for ‘Nuremberg Trial related to 2021’ then searched again and your link popped again. this site of yours is easy to read and comprehend and quick to digest. may i know please your Messenger account? i’ve stopped using my FB about 9 years now and only use Messenger for comms.
    God bless you and your effort and protect you always. thank you again for this site and articles.
    from the Philippines.

  4. I am confused, whether we have rights or not about having to take the vaccine. I am 100% against it. But feel they are going to force us to take it. My Dr. keeps trying to talk me into it. Shouldn’t he take my no as no?

  5. I know someone how sent this warning to the AMA who are obligated to inform each and every member of their Association of this fact. By not doing that, all the executive members of the Association are committing a serious crime.

      • I just sent you a friend request on FB. My mom was a survivor of the German occupation in France. I was born and raised there and my elders told me many horrific stories of what the Nazi did to them, they shared it in the hope that it would never be repeated again at any time of future history. Yet here we are today with the same sad medical experiment. I would like to know what I can do to be a participant of the lawsuit. I want to be able to share my story with like minded people.I have been banned and shadow banned on FB just for communicating the truth. I feel it’s time for people to stand against the vilest of the files, the devil himself. I serve a wonderful Heavenly FATHER and I believe HE is raising many voices today. Thanks for this great article.

        • Hi Barbara… it kinda puts you close to the action doesn’t it? Yes, you would definitely think there would never be any kind of a return, except the fact that it never really stopped… just changed and went more underground.
          Praise God that you do have the Heavenly Father, especially through this journey. I don’t know what it must be like for those who don’t know His love.

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