Home Improvements – the Interior

Kitchen and lounge

‘Spring Waters’, Mt Direction, Tasmania
December 2018

Homestead Interior

The front door

Front door

Walk down the path towards the front door of The Homestead.  The Agapanthus are just starting to bloom.

The door swings open

Welcome!  Welcome!  Come on inside!

Entry table close up

A little selection to help you feel welcome right from the outset!


Bar in Lounge


Entry in the evening

It’s evening and you’ve come inside.


The Living Areas

BEFORE – Lounge area

Before - lounge room 1

BEFORE – Sitting areas

Lounge sitting area 2


Lounge room

Swing around and see our lounge room.  It has two sitting areas, one for the TV with the main lounge and one gorgeous casual area that’s wonderful for a cuppa or two.


Lounge room 2

This one is taken from the casual area looking back into the main lounge and out to the dining area.


BEFORE – Dining area

before dining area

Looking from the old kitchen towards the dining area


Wood heater

Coming out of the lounge you have to pass by the wood heater.  This has been perfectly positioned to heat all the kitchen and dining, together with the whole lounge room area.  We’ve loved our fire!

Dining area

This has proven to be a delightful dining area just off the kitchen.  Our peacock oil painting has always been our most favourite picture in the whole house.  I did think we might get a peacock or two but didn’t ever get around to it.  We were warned they are very noisy…

BEFORE – Kitchen

Kitchen - before



We needed to put in a new kitchen and for a long time the only one I wanted was a white glossy one!  Right when we needed to place the order I had a change of mind!  I decided I wanted a kitchen that kept to the theme of the house so we ended up adding a blackwood kitchen.  I’ve been really happy with it as it came up so lovely.

Kitchen and lounge

Open plan always looks wonderful doesn’t it?  We’ve loved the light and airy feel of the home.


The Bathroom & Laundry

BEFORE – Bathroom

Old Bathroom



We had fun when we were doing up the bathroom.  The original bathroom looked so long and narrow so we turned the bath around which immediately gave the room a better proportion.  The pictures on the wall were hand made by me from river stones collected at a Low Head beach, together with the same stones decorating the bath and wall.  We wanted the theme of the bathroom to be sand and water.  The colour of the walls right throughout the entire home is called ‘Island Sand’, 1/4 strength.


As we were not ready to replace the old hot water system we had to keep some of the old cupboards.  We didn’t spend a lot of money in here as we thought one day soon we would need to replace it and that’s when we would make it all completely new.  But anyway, its come up a very pleasant room which I’ve been happy to work in.


Frog in laundry

Here is another picture taken in the laundry where I smashed up some tiles and created ‘crazy tiling’.  We thought this would be much more interesting then placing half a tile.  It was also fun to do. 🙂  Above the laundry sink I have this amazing picture of a frog in a flower.  It certainly brightens the laundry up!


The Bedrooms

BEFORE – main bedroom

Before - main bedroom



Main bedroom

The size of the rooms has always totally delighted me, especially in the bedrooms.

Cats in window

Selwyn’s sister, Narelle owned these lovely blue cats.  One day she sent them to us as she knew he loved them… and here they are as they grace the main window in the bedroom.  How cool they look!

BEFORE – Second bedroom

Before image of second bedroom


Second bedroom

The second bedroom is so big that I’ve used a portion of it as a Hobby Room.  In more recent times, Selwyn has taken it over for his computer.  Once again, a truly delightful room.

BEFORE – Third bedroom

Before - third bedroom


Third bedroom

Even our third bedroom is bigger than many main bedrooms.  Those beds are two king singles.


The Study

BEFORE – Study

Before - Study


The study

This is the fourth bedroom, but being much smaller we have made it into the perfect study/office.  Works well.

Art Studio

There is a room tucked away behind the garage/shed.  Apparently it used to be a play room for the kids of the previous folks who lived here, but it didn’t take long for Selwyn to commandeer it as his art studio.  He did get to play around to a certain extent but generally speaking he was always too busy to give it much of his attention… which was sad.

Marilyn Williams shares her experience




Second House – The Cottage
You’re welcome to take a look…




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