Simple Disinformation – Political And A Means To An End

simple disinformation

Sending out simple disinformation is not that hard. In fact, it appears to be something very easy to do, especially once you have complete control of the people.

The words ‘misinformation’ and disinformation’ are bandied about quite a bit these days. We all nod our heads in agreement. I decided to look up their meanings:

Misinformation: Spreading false information (rumors, insults, and pranks).

Disinformation: The creation and distribution of intentionally false information, usually for political ends (scams, hoaxes, forgeries).

Harvard University

From these meanings, I would say that there is a fair amount of ‘misinformation’ such as rumours, insults and pranks, even among those who should know a whole lot better. But the word I’m more interested in is the simple one called ‘disinformation’.

One of my readers asked me this question:

Marilyn, why do you think we, and some others, understand what’s going on in the world while others are blind to it? I don’t understand why they don’t pick up on the clues, even worse, they still believe Biden is running the country! It’s going to have to be spelled out to them with the EBS. I have one son who knows the truth.


I’m going to put down some of my thoughts on the subject.

We live in a world that is full of disinformation, according to the above… ‘The creation and distribution of intentionally false information, usually for political ends (scams, hoaxes, forgeries)’.

Intentional scams, hoaxes and forgeries!

It all was a means to an end! A narrative carefully crafted to keep us uninformed and under ‘their’ thumb.

Our world has been filled up with these, while most of us have been sleeping peacefully without any idea of what ‘they’ were doing.

But not any more!!! We don’t accept their lies and deceit any longer.

Why is it that we can see while others are blind?

I’m quite sure that many of us have asked this question along the way. Things we see quite clearly while those we talk to have no comprehension. It just doesn’t make sense!

Or does it?

Let me say right at the outset that although we see, we only see a portion. None of us know and comprehend all what’s happening and going on around us. None of us.

We’d love to. I now I would. Sometimes I wish they’d give me a printout to check off all the happenings! Wouldn’t that be good? One that the enemy cannot see, but just us. LOL

We observe various things and are just left wondering. For example, recently we had three navy ships moored in a nearby city. They were carrying helicopters, and my husband and I observed one of them circling above our home. Up the river and back around over the top of us. Unmarked. Deep grey. Very military!

What were they doing?

It’s interesting that during the same period of time the weather cameras were ‘not working’ covering the West Coast of Tasmania..

All just coincidence? I don’t really believe in coincidence, do you?

See how easy it is to put out simple disinformation to keep us uninformed?

Yes I know, just maybe their weather cameras really weren’t working… there is a chance that could happen, but…

It was ‘easy as’ for them!

I was so aware during the pl/an/demi/c how easy it was for ‘them’ to put out disinformation, so simple and easy. All ‘they’ had to do was to put it out over the news that a certain suburb had just had an outbreak, and then off it would all go!

Who checked up on this?

How to check up?

No, it was on the mainstream news so it must be right!

That’s how hoodwinked they all had us.

So, these are the little things we see while it feels like almost everyone else is totally oblivious.

So why us?

“And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

Matthew 24:31

The Bible clearly tells us that the Lord God, who is in charge of all these operations, sent out His angels to WAKE US UP!

Can you imagine angels being sent forth by God to tap us on the shoulder. Maybe they had to persevere to get us to begin to wake. Maybe there was quite a bit of shaking going on… and even then, once we began to wake, gosh, we had to rub the sleep out of our eyes!

We didn’t just wake up and know all we know now… not at all. It was a gradual journey. We learnt this little bit, and then that. We heard this over here and someone was saying that over there.

People of all faiths and beliefs

The other interesting thing is that the angels are not just waking up professing Christians! No, this is a worldwide awakening covering all faiths.

Don’t you find it interesting that the four major ‘religions’ all go back to Father Abraham? The DS have had a ball with twisting beliefs it appears!

There are those who profess a belief in the Lord God, and those who prefer to call it ‘the Source’. All kinds of people, all waking up together and travelling a journey we’ve not travelled before.

So why is it that we woke up but others in our family are still sleeping?

All I can say is that God knew who would be of benefit in this scraggly army, those who would stand up and do what is required. We cannot really question God on such things when really we just need to trust He knows exactly what He’s doing.

Instead, we need to rejoice that we were chosen when we had no say in the matter at all. It’s like our birth… we had no say in that whatsoever, but it happened anyway! The same with being chosen to wake up… it happened despite ourselves!

What is it we have realised?

We’ve realised who our enemy truly is… and as we learn, the more we take a stand.

Whether the world realises it or not, we are truly living though a very historic time, as we war against the N/ew W/or/ld O/r/der…the D/e/ep S/ta/te… all those who reign tyrannically over us.

It’s all coming out! Are you ready?

We have eyes to see, and we’re seeing!

We have ears to hear, and we’re hearing!

Together we shall expose every lie, and boy, aren’t there some doosies!

Continue to question everything. I mean, everything! Take nothing for granted any more.

Is the earth round or flat? Research! Don’t just accept what you’ve been taught.

Did they walk on the moon? Research it too. It doesn’t appear to be anything like what we’ve been told.

You don’t have to make up your mind, hard and fast. This is because a time is coming where so much of this will be revealed to us. Be prepared for it to be different to how you were taught.

Maybe the earth is a cube!!! Who knows? I know what I think, but as for you, you have to make up your own mind through diligent research. Please gather all the evidence and stash it on the internal shelf of your mind until it’s fully revealed.

Changing the simple disinformation narrative

As the awakened ones, we have a job to do. We have been learning first before all the others. It will be up to us to be there for them to help, as potentially they will learn a WHOLE LOT at once. This will be very hard to take.

The EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) or EAS (Emergency Alert System) will be used for this purpose. Can you imagine how hard it would be to learn what we have learned, all at once.

Boggles the mind!

They’ve been warning us to prepare for quite some time. Are you ready?

There are many who are very active right now. They are digging deep, researching to find out the truth. Once they get there, they try to share with us all.

There are so many areas to cover, and gradually we will need to learn it all. We have received disinformation about our history, our geography, our roots, our political systems, our legal systems, our education systems… the list goes on and on. But we will come out into a place of victory and rejoicing in the end. Remember, God has this!



  1. Hi Marilyn –
    When is all of this ‘he said, she said’ back and forth lying going to end? The can has been kicked, the goal post moved, dates have come and gone, spectacular supposed events keep rushing by – promises, promises and nothing of consequence has occurred since 2017.
    We’re almost half way thru 2024. With all the promises made over the years, we’re not any closer to a wrap up.
    Now we have a new player, Ivan Raiklin, who’s promising grass roots prosecution – let’s see how far that gets us.
    Too many bad things are all that’s happening around the world.
    Why can’t we be SHOWN by those like Tucker Carlson actual tribunals to at least give us some real tangible hope?
    We need a formal WH statement. We NEED the mythical EBS now.
    Kindest regards, gene

  2. Yes Marilyn, this is another beautifully written article. Most of us went to the mainstream school system were we are “taught” that mainstream media and those “experts” can be trusted. Since we were kids, we have been lied to by our “leaders” and governments. We have been lied to about a lot of things, including the mainstream history (HIS Story). Even the shape of our flat earth, our home. As I have previously mentioned in another article, we don’t live on a fake spinning ball earth spinning at an impossible supersonic speed of over 1000 mph in the fake heliocentric (HELLiocentric) system in the fake infinite space. We never went to the moon, and we never went to mars either. Those NASA “footages” are all fake, it is all CGI and lies. Why are all the oceans in the world perfectly horizontal and FLAT in every direction? Our ancestors were right: We live on a beautiful ancient geocentric non-moving flat earth and here are two flat earth videos that will explain this further ( and And for those who need real world proof full length flat earth videos, here are two that are easy to understand and in easy English: and

    • Hi Nairi! Good to hear from you again. Thank you for the videos. My husband and I went through them together again. It’s such interesting information and all makes so much sense.
      The thing is this… if they have lied to us about so many other things, what makes us think they wouldn’t lie to us about everything else! That’s my thinking these days. We need to dive deep into every area if we want to seek out the truth.
      Thank you for your part in it all. 🙂

      • You’re very welcome, and thank you Marilyn for all your hard work and everything you do to wake up the world. That’s right, we have been lied to about so many things and here here is more truth: Our soul, spirit, our memories, thoughts, intellect, feelings, etc. are all managed by and stored in our heart, not in our brain. Our brain doesn’t store anything or make us able to think or feel, like we “learned” in the mainstream school system and the mainstream “health” system. We are not calculating robots, we are natural spiritual beings. Our heart is deeply connected to everything we are, both spiritually and physically. Our brain is simply a part of our nerve system in our physical body, it can naturally process some data and some information from real world, but it doesn’t make us able to think or feel, and it doesn’t store anything. Our brain and nerve system doesn’t create or store data or information. We think, feel, and learn everything with our heart. Our heart is our true inner core and connected to our soul and spirit. There is a reason why it’s called to “know by heart”, or to “learn by heart”. You never forget yourself and all your life’s moments and memories, because they are stored in your heart and soul, not in the brain. The heart stores all our memories and feelings. The heart stores everything we are, it is a spiritual and physical home for our soul and spirit. The Bible also says so. Sorry if my explanation was bad, my point is that our heart is so much more than what mainstream “health science” and what mainstream “health experts” says, because we are our heart. Here is the Health Impact News article about it:

  3. Marilyn, this is good! I tell people the truth, even if they think it’s hogwash, just so they won’t be too shocked when the EBS is activated. It will be a rude awakening, regardless, but maybe I can help soften it a little.

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