Great Awakening Happening Now – God Has This!

the great awakening

We are truly in the midst of a Great Awakening, just as the Bible told us thousands of years before. We are right in the middle of the huge battle between God and Satan. Yes, this is it!

It’s a very unusual war in that most people have no idea we are in one. Only about 20% of actual happenings come out to the people who are aware, while 80% of it is carried out where we cannot see it.

The other night Riccardo Bosi was speaking here in Australia. Love him or hate him, he knows how to cut through all the BS. He brings light in the middle of the darkness.

As he shares, Riccardo draws on his previous life in the army to help us comprehend how things are. Here are some excerpts of what he said:

Final Stages of an extremely complex war

What is happening now, these final stages of an extremely complex war that has been raging for decades (and even centuries) is painful and just like any painful situation, it is normal for people to want it to end immediately. We all want things to completely change right now but we can easily struggle to understand the absolute complexity of what is happening and misinterpret the situation.

Absolutely true! This is what I hear all the time… When? When will it end? And when will this happen, or that?

Yes, it is painful and yes again, many people have suffered and even died. A despicable situation at best.

But as it is very complex, we must learn to be patient. It will all work out in the end.

How do I know that?

Because God said so in His Word!

If we read the Book, we can then know how it ends… in total victory! This awakening is for people who will not only wake up, but will rise up and enter the battle!

Systematically and carefully

Our enemies have entrenched themselves very deeply over a very, very long period of time. Removing them has to be done systematically and very carefully or else our entire system falls apart. We need to remember that this very system that is harming us and killing us is the same very system that we depend on for our survival.

Like a house that has been rotted out with white ants (infiltration from within), the frame can’t just be ripped out all in one go or the house will fall down and be completely destroyed, leaving nothing to save.

Instead, the pests need to be neutralised and the frame needs to be systematically reinforced and replaced, very carefully and very systematically.

Most of the reinforcing of our house (the world wide system that we depend on) has already been done and now the removal of the rot is starting to take place.

Countless years have gone into the planning by the De/ep S/ta/te. They have lived and died during this enormous project. They obviously believed totally in the agenda.

We must remember, that all those involved in harming and killing us are demon possessed. That is what we are up against.

It’s like dismantling a huge Jenga Tower, one block at a time. Can this piece be removed without the whole tower falling on top of us?

Or playing Pick Up Sticks… have you ever played that game? You are not allowed to move any other stick as you carefully remove one of them.

It’s kinda scary! Can you do it?

But imagine that on a worldwide scale!

Their demonic system is entrenched in every country, in every city/town/countryside. And then further into the education, religion, government, police, court systems… etc. etc.

Further to that… many of the larger stores we regularly shop at are controlled by them.

It has had time to infiltrate every part of our lives… and we didn’t even know!

Yes, we have been depending on all this for our very survival!

  • Most still believe that the government is looking after them!
  • The greatest majority believe in their doctors, even if they’re killing them with drugs.
  • Of-course, as far as the MSM news is concerned… goodness me, in aghast they say: “Why would they lie?”

The Great Awakening means you need to expand your thinking!

But they will fight and it will be painful. This is a very big and multifaceted job – waking up the people and removing an enemy that has been deeply entrenching its self into every aspect of our lives for centuries.

The stage has been set and if you are willing to see, it is very clear what is happening.

Expand your thinking and learn how to read the battlefield of irregular warfare.

Like anything that finds itself cornered, it will come out fighting. Even a rat is dangerous if it feels threatened! But even a rat would be disgusted to be connected, even in thought, to the lowlife’s we’re talking about!

So, imagine fighting a huge creature with legs, feelers, claws, nippers, and suckers coming out of it everywhere… like a giant, giant multifaceted octopus plus some. Now imagine this creature is so big it spreads over the whole world. It’s got something involved in every part of society!

And yet, here we are, thinking it’s all normal!!!

Now imagine how to take it down. It would have to be very strategic. First move would be to completely bomb off its head, and then gradually pull out/off every other sticky, slimy piece of it. They would have to be very careful not to hurt or destroy the people being held by their strong nippers.

Imagine the stench of such a creature being dismantled!

This is what we’re living through.

Old post… good info!

Pay attention!

And don’t let fear drive you. If you are in a battle and your side is firing shots and hitting targets, it only makes sense to pay attention.

You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard. Everything that is happening now regarding the flow of information and the rapidly expanding awareness of our enemies and the problems we face is only possible because [they] don’t have control any more.

But remember, in fact, never forget… we KNOW the end result. It might look bad, all this dismantling, and LOOK very scary at times.

As Ricardo has said, you mustn’t give in to fear. We are in a battle that requires level heads and a knowledge of the strategies. Our strategy in this Great Awakening is to have complete faith in those who are literally fighting in the midst of the battle. Mainly unseen behind the scenes.

How can we support them?

  • First we pray thanking God it’s all in His hands and that He’s won the battle. Praise always goes before the victory!
  • Maintain our faith levels and don’t negative thoughts to infiltrate.
  • Our hope is in the Lord. It’s not even in the outcome of the battle. Remain focused on God, His goodness and mercy.
  • Be proactive in whatever way God leads you to be. Share truths (Truth Arrows) as hard and as fast as you can. Keep the memes flowing, the posts, the videos, interviews… anything that people have spent their precious time in creating… make them work by share, share, sharing.

“In order to understand the scale and scope of the solution, you first need to understand the scale and scope of the problem.”

This is so true. How can we possibly comprehend what is going on if we have not taken the time to find out what the true problem is?

Once we come through this, and I don’t believe it will be long now, (no dates)… a glorious future awaits. A future with God in command here on earth. The Millennial Reign of Christ.

We are in the battle of all battles… God against Satan. Light against Dark.

Once again I remind you though, God wins! This is the Great Awakening! Embrace it and rise up. You are an integral part of this war.



  1. You are a “Gem” Marilyn!! I love your writing! Is sooo relatable, spot on and filled with compassion!

    For Him,
    Ricky B

  2. Marilyn your love for our Lord God almighty and his people is plain to see and reflected in your thoughtful writings. I receive huge encouragement from them during this incredibly complex time in history.
    Blessings Anne

  3. Thank you, Marilyn. I always enjoy reading your overviews ? Love Riccardo so much too! Everything you and he have said here makes complete sense to me. WWG1WGA ?

  4. Another great intel Marilyn, beautifully written to describe the current situation and to bring peace and hope to us all . Well done your a very talented writer .❤️

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