Hidden Nuke Cruise Missiles Disarmed To Make You Safe

Nuke Cruise Missiles

Imagine nuclear bombs – Nuke Cruise Missiles, positioned in all manner of places? In shipping containers in ports up and down the East and West Coasts of the United States… just sitting there waiting… waiting…

Makes you wonder… where else have they been planted?

We hear of such scary things!

But this good news came through today:

Right Now the White Hats were disarming thousands of Nuke Cruise Missiles that had been embedded throughout the US by the Chinese Communist Party.

Judy Byington

Thousands of shipping containers containing four Nuke Cruise Missiles each parked across the US which evidently the White Hats have taken care of.

Project Pelican

Wherever they were, the ‘good guys’ have dealt with them. Praise God! Nothing to fear in that department!

Uhm.. but were Nuke Cruise Missiles really planted in the first place?

Or was it just ‘scare tactics’ designed to scare the pants off us all and therefore ask questions?

It could be, but most never question, do they?

The ‘nukes’ contained in these containers could have been real, but there is doubt in my mind as to whether they were nuclear weapons.

I could be wrong. Maybe Michael Ogden is wrong too in his book ‘A World of Lies, Collusion & Conspiracy’, but hey, what if he’s not?

Have you ever wondered as to whether it’s even possible for a nuclear war? Is that what really happened in Japan?

He has lots of evidence!

Fascinating Research by Michael Ogden

Fear tactics – the Art of War

I was talking to Michael earlier today. He said ‘What is curious is when one has a powerful weapon, it is better to keep it secret to surprise an enemy! Announcing nukes to the world turned them into a massive fearmongering campaign and this was their real purpose.

The media pushes them as if they are real so as to terrify people into reacting in some prescribed manner – send troops to stop the madman from nuking us, etc. Fear is the most effective weapon of all.”

Michael has done a lot of research into this subject, and many others as well. From digging deep, it’s becoming more obvious that we have been lied to over and over again.

We are living through the Art of War. Fear is used, and is being used to wake people up!

Much talk about the potential of nuclear war coming

We will face a nuclear threat, you might hear about bombs going off etc. It will sound like WW3.

Sat. 21 May WhipLash347, Utsava

Interesting isn’t it. Re-read the above again. Words like ‘threat’… ‘might hear’… ‘it will sound like’…

We must remember that although we will continually be hearing about all this coming, we have to realise that it’s all designed to bring awareness to those who still do not comprehend.

If more people had begun to ask questions and think to themselves, ‘that’s not right!’, we would have come out the other side of this mess long ago.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case for many caught up in the plandemic! That’s the ‘pandemic’ that was planned to happen, and has been orchestrated through lies and propaganda.

People everywhere seem to be wearing masks in the stupidest of places. I saw a guy was riding his bike with a heavy load on the back of it. It certainly looked to be hard going for the man. Yet there he was, obediently covering his face, hiding from the boogeyman! No-one is saying he has to do it, no, not a single ‘authority’. It’s a wonder he didn’t keel over on the spot through his lack of oxygen.

Fear! That’s what it is. They have been conditioned to fear everything.

 “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and sound mind.” 

2 Timothy 1:7

Prepare for the Scare Event!

We have been told that there is a Scare Event coming… an Emergency! We don’t really know what it is, but, we have been told it is on the way.

There will be this Scare/Emergency Event that we have been waiting for so long. That is when they will shut the show down.

Sat. 21 May WhipLash347, Utsava

So what are we going to do? Quiver in our boots and hide under our beds?

No, we knew it was coming, didn’t we?

Stand in faith believing that God’s got this!

“We have been told that we are NOT to fear! We are NOT to buy into hoaxes or propaganda!

All is taken care of. These events are necessary for the last push.”

(Sat. 21 May WhipLash347, Utsava)

‘These events are necessary for the last push!’ Hmm… once again, interesting!

Trust God – Trust the Plan

There will be many things brought forth which will have the potential to frighten us silly, but no, that’s not going to be us, is it?

We’re going to look at the bigger picture and trust that God has had to do all this to bring about the change He has in mind. Removing evil from the entire world doesn’t just happen. The world-wide Military Alliance are following God’s orders… trust them!

But did you read that above?…

‘That is when they will shut the show down’!

Before this all comes to an end, the military must be involved… as in Martial Law/Military Law. The only way is the Military. Don’t be afraid… welcome it… the end of it all is nigh!

Always remember that this is NOT the end of the world! This world ‘ain’t going anywhere! According to the scriptures, this IS the end of the world for the disgusting criminal cabal.

They’re all going down. They will all receive their just desserts.

So whether it’s Nuke Cruise Missiles or threats of nuclear war, or even the sound of war… God has this!



  1. Dear Marilyn, do not be deceived. There are no “good guys” who are going to save us and there is no indication in the word of God that this will be so until our Lord returns. “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:37. And what were the days of Noah like? “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5.

    In Germany between 1921-26, as Hitler was rising to power, he set up an extensive disinformation psy-op campaign called “Operation Trust.”

    Hitler wanted to neutralize his opposition using fake stories to plant in the minds of his opponents so they would not revolt over what he was doing—securing his absolute power. Hitler had his equivalent of the “Deep State” to find innocent but powerful individuals in which to mix fake intel inside of non-fake intel.

    The ruse was perpetrated that there was a group in the military who knew Hitler was bad, and a lot of those around him were also bad. The story was that the “good guys” knew this and were preparing to take back power in Germany. Using a fake Russian anti-Bolshevik group, the word was put out that the “good guys” were waiting a little longer for Hilter to expose himself and they would then spring into action and save the country.

    They released this information in bits and pieces over several years, which allowed Hitler the time to get complete control of everything—without much opposition. By the time people realized they had been duped, it was too late.

    Sound familiar? “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.” Eccl. 1:9

    God is sovereign, all that He has purposed will be done, exactly as prophesied and written in His holy book. God bless.

    • Hi Kris!
      Thank you for taking the time to share your comment.
      This same DS was at work in the Bible days… nothing has ever changed has it? Same evil. Same devil at work!
      I agree with that scripture, there is nothing new under the sun!
      I guess my reference to the ‘good guys’ is more of a lighthearted way of portraying the people God has raised up in this hour of time. I could refer to Moses as the ‘good guy’ couldn’t I?
      In the days of Noah, God used an ark… an ark they had to spend a very long time building too. God didn’t just plonk it down on the mountain. God did send the rain though and the monstrous flood of water from above and below, and yes all perished except those who believed and who were untainted by the current evil which is much the same as the evil of today. God made a statement with this happening and promised it would not happen this way again.
      But somehow evil continued. I don’t just mean ‘bad stuff’, I mean satanic wickedness. It’s built up to where it is today. God of-course, was not caught off guard with this, He knew it would happen even before creation began.
      You have your thoughts on how you believe the Bible says it will all play out, but those thoughts are not agreed to by countless others. Who is right? There is only one truth!
      As for me, I will not enter into a verbal fight concerning it… ever. Because at the end of the day, how can I guarantee I know the correct interpretation.
      I know what I now believe, contrary to what I used to believe the Bible said concerning the Last Days, has brought to me a peace that prior to, I knew not.
      I am always happy to discuss… or to put forward information that causes people to think and to seek God for themselves.

  2. Yes life is a bit uncertain atm. I fear more for my children and Grandchildren especially our youngest grandaughter who is just 6 months old. I look at her cute little face and think oh my darling I hope you have a bright future ahead. I try to think positive but sometimes it is hard. I greet the Lord every morning and thank him for another day and for protecting me and my beloved family at night.
    I say prayers for mankind quite often lately. I am not religious but spiritual and know there are other forces at play.
    Love and Light to all

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    Thank you for taking the time out of your life to help others. You’re a good person for doing all that you can to help people understand what’s the truth and what is an illusion.
    President Trump in 2020 told us we would be watching a movie, and what makes a good movie? Great actors. Many of the main characters are gone, arrested, or executed for crimes against humanity and/or treason. For example, Dr. Fauci has been replaced with a look-alike. The most glaring features are the flared ears versus ears close to the skull. The clues are there for all who want to see the truth.

    • Hi Andi,
      Thanks again for your kind words. We do what we can., don’t we.
      The whole concept of it all being a movie is lost on most, unfortunately. A time will come though and as they look back they will realise.
      I also believe what you say about most of ‘them’ have already been dealt with, although some people will argue with me black and blue. As you say, a closer look at them usually reveals all.
      Yes definitely, the clues are out there waiting to be seen.

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