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sound of freedom movie

Last night we finally managed to see the Sound of Freedom movie we had heard so much about.

I had a pretty good idea of the movie in general, but seeing it portrayed there on the big screen was mesmerizing!

As you look into the faces of those innocent children, who thought they were being prepared for the entertainment industry, your heart broke.

There they were trying to do as instructed and to look their very best for the camera. Little did they know what was ahead of them.

How trusting, and potentially naïve, was their father. I’m sure, being so poor, he thought the extra income would be a good thing.

Well, you know what happened, don’t you?

Yes sir, ‘they’ kidnapped them!

Beautiful child/ren in a broken world

It’s particularly disturbing when your mind flings back to reality… this is based on a true story! Many of the scenes are right where it actually took place. It’s so real that Tim Ballad says he struggles to watch the film as it brings back so much to him.

We were kept on the edge of our seats as we watched this drama unfold!

These two children were missing for at least three months. A lifetime of happenings can take place during that time, but fortunately for the audience, we were spared the gory details.

Knowing what we know, it was an easy jump to fill in the gaps.

Such a thrilling drama… so beautifully depicted.

How thrilling the movie became as we entered into the rescue missions. Electrifying scenes on a tropical island, kept us holding our breath in anticipation!

The moment when we shed tears with Jim Caviezel, acting out the part of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent. We felt his heartbreak when the government told him to be satisfied with the rescue of just one of the children. “Come back home!” they insisted.

Then to see the wonderful backup support Tim received from his lovely wife… it was second to none.

Finally we come to a very dramatic ending, watching Jim (as Tim) creeping around amongst a murderous crew of rebels who would happily take you out in a second.

Hallelujah… a wonderful ending to warm the coldest of souls.

At the very end, it was heart-warming to listen to Jim Caviezel encouraging us all to spread the news. He wanted us to bring enlightenment in a dark world. Unfortunately though, most don’t want to know about the evil happening right under their noses.

If you have not yet seen this film, you must!

I would encourage every person, who has an ounce of decency within them, to endeavour to see this blockbuster for yourself.

No, it’s not ‘just another film’! It’s truth being spread to the nations bringing awareness of very dark and sinister happenings within all societies, worldwide.

The good news is that the perpetrators of this evil, are being ‘taken out’ even as I type these words. But the more of us who come to grips with it, spreading the movie far and wide, the easier it is for those working on the front line bringing it all down. Once and for all.

“Child/ren are not for sale”

It could be right next door!

Do your part now. Forward this post to everyone you can possibly think of. Become part of the answer… the solution.

For more amazing information go to The goal is to sell 2 million tickets. Currently I see it sits at 17,241,639 which is 863% of the goal. I think they’re going to have to move the goal post, because 2 million will not be sufficient!

On that site it tells that the 2 million tickets represent the 2 million child/ren who have been traffi/cked around the world.

Behind the Sound of Freedom Movie

Take a moment (or two or three) to watch both Tim Ballad, together with Jim Caviezel, discussing the making of the film. Brilliant!

The Obstacles Behind Releasing Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom Movie fought long and hard to come out to the people. Being made five years ago, they’ve had a battle on their hands to bring out the truth, but as usual, God wins! So please, do your part.

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  1. Have you read any of Timothy Charles Holmseth’s blogs? Among other things, he says Q is a black psy-op. As for The Sound of Freedom, he thinks it also is a problem.

    • Hi Andi!
      I just read one of his posts ‘Exclusive q-plan exposed the great apostasy the antichrist’ and no, I will not be reading any more.
      We MUST remain Bible focused and let all this hocus-pocus just die a natural death.
      This is the time where we run the risk of being led astray like never before.

    • Dearest Marilyn,
      This is so strange, I did not write that. I had been reading his stuff but what is written here is not something I would say, especially about Q. I don’t agree with him.

  2. I’ve just watched this interview made me very emotional but Im in the UK so fm isnt here yet. I believe teleased 1 Sep but that may be London. Im 60 miles from London but am waiting for it to be released in or near my home town.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    what a wonderfully done article!
    Let’s hope your coverage reaches lots of people. I still have a hard time to fathom the scope of this nightmare.
    We need biden gone yesterday or none of this can come to pass. Are we (USA white hats) still trying to avoid a civil war? Is that why this is not becoming public yet?
    DJT is doing his best; RFK jr is doing his best; Tucker Carlson is now a replacement for Hanity – When will the common person on the street wake up?

    kindest regards, gene

    • Thank you Gene!
      You are so right. Our job is to remain patient and in faith that everything will turn out for the best. These people will bring it out at the right time, which is something we couldn’t have a clue of. Our ‘right time’ is many yesterdays ago!!!

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