What Happens When Powerful Military Operations Take Place Secretly

Powerful Military Operations
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Nothings happening! Nobody’s doing anything to stop worldwide tyranny! This is what people are crying out all around. Meanwhile powerful military operations are taking place covertly, secretly all over the place.

It really is a difficult time for so many. Even when they feel they know what’s going on, the quietness of information coming through frightens them

As it turns out, the word of the hour is ‘covert’.

Covert definition:

Concealed or disguised; secret: covert intelligence operations; covert behavior. 


That’s right!

Even though there are powerful military operations taking place worldwide in virtually every country, we don’t see it happening. Very little news. A new crazy ‘normal’ with ongoing P/C/R tests and threatened loss of jobs etc. unless being jabbed.

Continued take-down of the evil ones

But from all those who are directly in contact with those providing intel, this is the message we keep on hearing.

We hear of continual arrests and even executions. We also hear from those tracking flights of the countless back and forth to Gitmo. Why? Gitmo is not a tourist destination, so why the continual flights?

Of-course, those watching the mainstream media do not see any of this activity, or hear of the arrests and executions… not a thing. Even on alternative media, sometimes there is not a lot of new information. Quiet reigns.

So, when we go outside… the sun is shining, the birds are singing, people are going to and fro to work.. life looks normal, and yet, behind the scenes where no-one sees, SO much is apparently going on.

Mopping up operations continue covertly

I myself am in contact with someone who worked with the Australian military for many years and is ‘in the know’ about many things concerning what is really happening ‘behind the scenes’. He tells me that what I have mentioned above is very true indeed. Apparently here in Tasmania, they are ‘mopping up’ underground after recently blowing up the huge tunnel running from Pine Gap in mainland Australia, through to Antarctica.

But most everyone here living on this island knows nothing about all this!

We see this beautiful mountain (above), Mt Roland, from where we live. It’s gorgeous! It’s a place that represents peace and harmony. But deep down beneath this beautiful mountain, nefarious deeds have been committed. 🙁

Covertly, in secret so as to not raise the alarm, the military have been working throughout the Kentish district dealing with whatever they have to do to completely destroy any remains of the evil committed under there.

So try not to be fooled into thinking because we don’t hear anything, nothing is happening. Military operations like this are happening everywhere, or at least, they have been. Most of it has been completed, apparently.

Peace that passes understanding

People ask me for more of the latest news. There is so much it boggles the mind. I can’t write about everything, in fact, I absolutely do not try. That’s not my job.

My job is to report on various happenings with the intention of bringing calm to the readers. Not a false calm, or false hope. But reality. Helping people to comprehend sufficient of what is going on in this up-side-down world, giving them the knowledge that it’s all going to plan and the end is in sight.

God has this! God’s peace passes all understanding. Even when it’s all doom and gloom, we can know His peace in the midst of it. Evil is being rooted out from under our very noses, all being done in such a way as to keep the peace… and to keep people from rioting through fear and lack of comprehension.

Diversions are a must

Remember that right at the beginning it was shared that the vi’rus, the sh/ots, 5G, riots and an alien invasion would be taking place as a diversion for the introduction of the Quantum Financial System. These things were designed, well before they happened, to divert your attention elsewhere, so they could quietly change the way this world ticks.

It is not known if the alien invasion is referring to the invasion coming across the border into the USA, popularly referred to as ‘aliens’, or whether their intention is to fake an alien invasion from ‘outer space’. I do not know… but anything is possible.

The introduction of the QFS was designed to bring to a complete halt the financial system being used by ‘evil’ when involved in tra/ffick/ing of all kinds.

So my desire, dear readers, is that no matter what it staring you in the face in this current time, embrace God’s peace and know that it’s all under control. Things are not like they seem to be, or as they appear.

The powerful global military operations will continue until completed. Everything points to the fact that we are just about there, at least to the point where knowledge of it can be finally released to the public.



  1. I have heard of all the things happening you have mentioned. The fact remains we have all been deceived and trying to wake up the unawaken is a battle in itself. Destroying families, mine included. I pray to the good Lord to intervene and to give me strength and to ask him to save mankind. I have no fear of dying and I will NEVER surrender……🙏🙏🙏 SOS SOS SOS

    • Hi Cecily!
      A applaud your stand! Good for you!
      I think it’s important that we realise that the good Lord has already intervened and is heading up this battle of all battles! What is taking place around the world at this present time is way above what man alone could do… only God Himself could guide and direct all the actions.
      We don’t comprehend the reason for many actions, but a time is coming when it will be all revealed to us.

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