A Better Slogan Is “Covid Vaccines Don’t Stop Infection”

Covid Vaccines dont stop infection and transmission

“Covid vaccines don’t stop infection and transmission!”

A friend of ours attended the rally at Hobart, Tasmania recently and found herself chatting with an unvaxxed lawyer who works for the Justice Department. She has since received an email from her with what I believe is some pretty good advice. Mind you, it’s not claiming to be legal advice, though. It is below here in quotes as follows:

Many protests and slogans are based on emotions

She was saying… a lot of protest messages seem to be based on emotions. She went on to say…

The Government and employers and public health have arguably misled Australian people to believe these injections stop infection and transmission to your loved ones and patients and colleagues etc.
People now realise they don’t.

People are waking up everywhere to this lie. They are beginning to see first hand that they have been lied to by the very authorities they should be able to trust.

The time has come where they need to realise that this is much more than us ‘little people’ trying to fight Big Pharma and all other authorities by appealing to their better nature.

A potential product liability legal issue

This is potentially a product liability legal issue. Misleading and deceptive conduct, false advertising etc.

It is so much more… the authorities need to be taken to task for misleading us and using deceptive marketing policies. If it is found they are doing this, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

People need to put the fire and finger of responsibility back onto Big Pharma and all politicians and employers who promote and advertise Big Pharma medical products.

Big Pharma has all our governments tied neatly in their hands. In fact, they have a cord around their necks. They will do whatever they are told… or else! Yes sir. Certainly sir. Anything you say sir!

And because of this, most all of our politicians, together with many, many employers, are caught up in this web of deceit and actually promote Big Pharma medical products!

This is a great win for them no matter which way you look at it!

The truth being promoted should be by:

Using slogans such as “Covid vaccines don’t stop infection and transmission!”

This is an example of the type of slogans this woman suggests.

I urge protesters to reconsider the emotional arguments about freedom to choose because this is an apparently defensive position that is weak.

These slogans put protesters in a position of having a justify and defend their decisions to refuse the injection.
No authoritarian government or employer cares much about individual bodily integrity and freedom of choice. Every employee a is “human resource” to be used and discarded when no longer useful etc.

They want your submission and compliance to authority – domination and control – period.

Many marches chant about their freedom to choose, but as this woman has stated, it puts us in a position where we believe we need to defend our position… and they don’t care about that! When you really think about it, it comes from a slave’s mentality! We are all so used to being no more than a ‘human resource’, working or not at their beck and call, we don’t consider that we are so much more than that!

They use misleading information to justify mandates

This is very important because it is this misleading or lies by governments, public health epidemiologists or employers that is the main basis for justifying mandates.

Of-course they believe they can get away with what ever they like. They know, just as well as us, that mandates are not law, and they don’t care for a moment! They illegally change laws to suit their own agendas, and we are expected to like it or lump it!

Forget ‘my body my choice

The use of the argument “my body my choice” will not work – because public health bureaucrats and state and national laws (eg The Biosecurity Act) are already weighted against this argument.

We’ve heard this chanted both for and against. First they brought it out on behalf of women having a choice whether they can abort or not. Now we hear it chanted and being used against being forced to be jabbed.

Forget ‘my body my choice’ – they don’t care!

Many of us have been out there crying “my body my choice” over and over… but they don’t care! It means nothing to them. We cannot appeal to their better nature… they don’t have one!

“Covid vaccines don’t stop infection and transmission!”

This isn’t about bodily integrity and freedom of choice – it is arguably about being misled by false advertising of these medical products by politicians, doctors and employers – which is an offence under the Australian Consumer Law.

It’s more than time to leave behind our defensive slogans and replace them with words on the offensive.

What they are doing is breaking the law… it’s illegal. It’s certainly not coming from a democratic society. It’s time we let them know that we know what they are doing is wrong.

This is coming from a place of authority… we come in on the offense… we wield the sword and drive them back. We don’t come in fear asking them nicely to reconsider, no… we tell them we will take it no longer and stick it into them!

Disclaimer…….Nothing above is legal advise but may help form the basis of legal action.

This is the type of information we need

I believe this is a wonderful kick up the backside for us all. We’ve been coming at it from the wrong angle. Let them know that we know that “Covid vaccines don’t stop infection and transmission” and therefore we will not submit.

We all get caught up in the emotions of it all. Pretty much, we all know of people who have suffered dreadfully through their mandates and tyranny. Sure it’s emotional to us… but the truth is… THEY DON’T CARE!

More and more of us need to come together and let our voices be heard, whether through slogans, chants or speakers. At the moment, the new media plays it all down, we know that, but shortly they will have to answer for what they have been doing.

I would not like to be in their shoes, would you?

But now we have something we can work with “Covid vaccines don’t stop infection and transmission” … let’s spread the news!

Don’t allow them to run rings around you!
It’s imperative we become educated


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