Largest Military Operation In The History Of The Planet

largest military operation

We, the people of the world, are currently living through the largest military operation in the history of the planet!

It is said that this war is at least 10 times bigger than any previous war.

In fact, it is SO BIG, that we have a hard time trying to fathom it.

What is War?

When you mention the word ‘war’, images of dreadful battles are conjured up in your mind.

largest military operation
Not a war of this type!

We think of the countless thousands of good lives lost as they fight to defend our freedom, at least, that is what they believed they were doing.

But this is not really a war of this nature.

The Cue’Q’Cue Team is a union of 17 countries that now have 140 countries. Chess figures moving on site aren’t just the field military, boots on Earth, but the military controls the spread of Stellar and QFS, Space Force, plus military intelligence in Arizona. Wars are won and lost to the one who controls the sky.

The new global Alliance, also called White Hats, include the following 17 countries: Australia, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, North Korea and The USA.

The Supreme Commander of the Alliance is President Donald Trump.

The largest military operation in the history of the planet is conducted throughout the planet. We don’t even have the slightest idea what’s going on behind the scenes right now. The war with evil is ten times greater than the Second World War. The only way was the military.

Finally the good ones win! We are required to maintain the line and positive energy of prayer.

In this war, our young people have not been consigned into joining the forces. We don’t remained glued to our TV’s, or radios as in the past, to learn how the battle is progressing. No, not at all.

What we have learnt during this battle, is that trying to learn from our TV’s or radios is definitely not the way to go. We know that most of the news media are on the side of evil, so they’re not going to tell us anything that we want to know.

Worldwide Medical Smokescreen

A diversion

Everything to do with this C/o/v/i/d nonsense is a HUGE smokescreen that completely takes everyone’s attention and keeps them totally occupied.

Do you know that there’s nothing else to talk about? That’s the way it’s become… everyone is talking about it worldwide.

But… it’s gradually getting better… more and more people are beginning to realise there’s something strange going on.

Of-course, there are those who will not accept anything but the mainstream narrative, but praise God, they are getting fewer all the time.

Mask mandates hitting Tasmania

This night 20th December, 2021, our area in Tasmania is going into a mask wearing phase. In actual fact, throughout this so-called ‘pandemic’ we have gotten off really lightly. There was a time, back near the beginning, when folk were wearing masks, but we never did… together with the majority of other people.

We have been hearing for weeks that this was coming, so it was no surprise to us. A few ‘cases’ of Omicron in Hobart… the other end of the island, is all the excuse that’s required.

On the other hand, just across the straight, Melbourne has been treated with more tyranny than anywhere else in the world. But even there, there’s change in the air…

How is this war different from others?

This is an information war. But more than that, this is a war of syringes and poisonous substances. Even more than that, this is a huge battle between good and evil.

The evil people who have been ruling our entire world for a very long time, realised they didn’t need guns and bullets! They gradually trained the people of the world to accept ‘vaccines’ given by injection. To do this they’ve had to fill us with countless lies, but that was no problem for them at all. All they had to do is project them through the media.

Why pay to ‘waste’ ammunition to fight these wars when countries pay them to provide the jab? Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. A pretty good move I’d say, to be paid to achieve the same result!

When their time was right, all they had to do was to create a pandemic and feed fear into the masses. It’s worked very well. I guess we have to give them top marks for that!

Why try to bomb people when you can have them line up in huge queue’s waiting to receive their ‘shot’, and what’s more, go off encouraging everyone else to do the same?

Hey, that’s a win-win for them, don’t you think! It’s nowhere near as messy.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes

So while the whole world is otherwise engaged in c/o/v/i/d, the largest military operation in the history of the planet has been happening behind the scenes. Covertly. Secretly. Sting Operations. Countless arrests. Governments removed and replaced with body doubles/actors wearing masks/cgi. Flights to Gitmo. Military Tribunals. Executions (?).

Yes, this war is not like any other… it cannot even be compared.

But because we cannot ‘see’, and because we do not ‘hear’, we can be forgiven for thinking nothing is happening. But happening it is… in every country.

We only get to hear snippets of what’s going on… just enough to keep us praying and believing for a right and just end.

Stop listening to the naysayers of this world

God versus satan

In this war, there is a line drawn smack bang right down the middle between God (good) and satan (evil).

This is the war above every other war, and from what the Bible tells me, it’s the second last battle of all time.

Many people now believe this is the Battle of Armageddon spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Whether you believe this to be so or not, only time will really tell.

I know many will contradict me on this but I don’t ask you to believe me. In fact… don’t believe me! Seek your own knowledge. Ask God… He knows and He will tell you.

Who is in control? The largest military operation ever held

I don’t believe it’s always the Black Hats who enforce these rules. I believe the White Hats need us to believe it’s the Black Hats.

We have been told for quite some time that the White Hats are in control. For whatever their reason is, they need many of those who have already been dealt with to appear to still be in position and in control of various countries. Hence the need to body doubles, actors wearing full head masks and/or cgi.

I think now it’s the White Hats putting lock downs in place to allow the military to do their work. It keeps us safe, out of their way. The last of the swamp rats are being taken out and yes, many of them possess guns!

All evil is being removed, and the evil was a whole lot larger than any of us could comprehend.

Yes, I also believe, it’s taking longer than anyone anticipated. What the good guys found blew them away as to just how evil, evil was.

Our job is to spread whatever positive news you can (share this post) and whatever you do, don’t forget to pray.

So as we live through the largest military operation in the history of the planet, I encourage you to stay calm and trust in those who are out in active, but very secret duty all around us. They are doing the final clean-ups of the tunnels and removing all the corrupt government officials. It takes time but we are on the winning team.

God has this!



  1. Merry Christmas, Marilyn! Today we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, and we are reminded of the innocence of all children everywhere. Thank you for helping to bring awareness of the plight of too many precious ones helpless in the hands of evildoers. May they all be saved to live their childhood as God intended.

    • Thank you Andi! Thank you for your lovely words bringing the meaning of Christmas to the plight of the children. That’s beautiful.
      Yes, we must keep on bringing attention to their plight up until we know that the last of the bottom dwellers have been dealt with.
      May your Christmas be merry and your New Year bright!

  2. Yes! It’s true. I’ve been saying “God’s got this.” for about three years now. God allowed me to see clearly that this was not a battle between political parties but all out war between Satan and Christianity or a war of good verses evil.
    When Donald Trump was voted into office I saw hatred so hideous, wide spread and deep that I saw it for what it is. I realized that no one person can handle this or heal our country. I was aware that God fully intended to take care of this problem…. and take care of it He WILL. You cannot mock the God of the universe and escape His wrath. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah roaring. Seek his forgiveness now, while you can. Come to Christ and you will find peace. God and our military have been and are consistently coming for the children.

    • Thank you Brenda for those terrific words!
      Yes, the DT hatred was shared around the world. Even after all the wonderful things he accomplished, they still find reason to hate him. I’m quite sure they really don’t know why!
      But, although some may continue in this vein, I believe after the reveal will be a different story. Praise God.
      But I 100% agree with you saying that there is not person, or even all the combined militaries of the world, could deal with this massive problem if it wasn’t being headed up by God Himself.
      Thank you… I appreciate you.

  3. I’m a follower of Q and know the real Joe Biden is long gone; President Trump is still in the White House. If Hillary Clinton had won most of us wouldn’t be alive today; that was part of the evil satanic plan. I feel we’re heading for the home stretch, and want to thank the Global Alliance of White Hats, Digital Soldiers, and most importantly, our God in Heaven.

    • Hi Andi!
      I’m with you! I truly believe that if H/i/l/l/a/r/y had been able to carry out her evil plan we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it.
      We really are on the home stretch I believe… the end of the Ca/bal. Not the end of us.
      1,000 years of peace yet to be lived on this earth… and then the final battle.
      Together we thank God and how He has set up the Global Alliance etc as you say…

  4. I 100% believe we are living in the book of Revlations writen over 2000 years ago, The Mark of the beast will be upon you ,,you will be unable to trade with out the mark the mRk

    • Hi David!
      Yes it is blatantly obvious when you learn how to read the signs isn’t it.
      But I have to agree to disagree with you concerning what the Mark of the Beast is as portrayed in the Book of Revelation.
      Let me ask you the question… why would God pour out His wrath because people are submitting to the j/a/b in fear of losing their jobs and not being able to feed their families?
      Yes, I know it changes DNA etc… but many of these people acted out of fear.
      Others acted out of a lack of knowledge.
      I believe it’s so much more than this… something that God really hates… like little ba/bies and ch/ildr/en/a/dul/ts being sacrificed to Baal/Molech/Satan.
      Doesn’t make sense? Please read:
      I pretty much believe that almost everything we have been taught concerning these times strays from the truth.

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