Insidious Vaccine Promoted By Trump? Do You Know Why?

Vaccine promoted by Trump

Do you understand why the insidious vaccine is promoted by Trump? Why is he doing this? What does he mean? Is he for us or against us?

Let’s see if we can address this very confusing issue that people are struggling with all over.

Clif High has made an explanatory video which I believe is really quite helpful to help us understand.

You cannot take what Trump says at face value

Clif High

So… what did he mean when he said:

You saved 10’s of millions of people with this vaccine! You guys did it!

Donald Trump

We ask… what on earth is he talking about?

Trump saved us from the 10 year lockdown

Clif High goes on to explain about the 10 year lock down that the Ca/bal had intended for us. During 2020 to 2030, they were planning for 468,000,000 people to die.! That’s 13 out of 14 of everyone living on this earth!

Whatever you do, don’t forget this was their very ugly plan. During the 10 year period we are all now currently living in, they – the Glob/alists, the De/ep S/tate, call them what you will… wanted to kill virtually all of us. The ones who somehow survived would be their puppets/servants addressing all their sick needs.

It must be remembered that these people are basically demon possessed. They are overcome by evil with absolutely no conscience left.

Trump knew all this. He knew their plan. It needed to be counteracted somehow, but how?

Double talk… double meanings

Trump and the Alliance would have put their heads together on this one. I still remember when Trump came out saying that they ‘had to make a very difficult decision’. This is what it was in my opinion.

They had to rush out the ‘vacc/ine’ and appear to be talking the same language as the enemy.

Does he talk about the same ‘vacc/ine’ as the rest of the world?

A little clue is this… what they regard as the va/ccine, and what most people refer to as the vax… is not really a va/cc/ine at all! It’s a bio-weapon! It’s not to protect you from any illness… rather it’s to ultimately depopulate the earth.

Is this what Trump is promoting? Really? Is that what you think?

If that’s his intention then we had all better run for the hills!

No, of-course it’s not!

Think! Research! Gain Comprehension!

From this time forwards don’t accept anything that Trump says without thinking about it, about thinking about the individual words and seeing it from his viewpoint as a member of the (Sarc?) in what he’s trying to communicate. These are encoded messages… this is like… get your decoder ring activated, get your Ovaltine, sit down and write it out and think about what he’s saying, because it is non-obvious and very important.

… language is very important to Trump, maybe even the supreme element of the aspect of his presentation, his precise control at a level that I find just staggering…

Trump & The Booster Decoded By Clif High!

Did Trump come down with C*o*v*i*d?

In fact, Trump took H/C/Q… not a vax of any sort.

It is reported that Trump came down with Co/v/id 19? Really? How do they know that? How does anyone know they got it when there is no way they can prove it or give it a name! It’s never been isolated! Never!

They can’t prove anything by using PCR tests… they are fake!

Please don’t allow them to do this to you

They have given the common cold and/or flu the name of Co/v/i/d. People can receive a light dose or a heavy dose of either… which in reality is your body undergoing a detox. It’s happens to most everyone at one time or another.

Please do not be fooled by all this talk of the dreaded Om/icron… or any other supposed var/iant.

Vaccine promoted by Trump?

I’m going to allow Clif High to explain in this video. I warn you, he makes great use of the ‘f’ word though. I really dislike it very much, but if you can overlook it, you certainly will learn, and gain a comprehension of what’s going on in our world like never before. Especially if you are in confusion over this issue.

You may need to watch it a few times. If you don’t fully get it the first time, watch it again so it sinks in.

Trump & The Booster Decoded by Clif High!

So I ask you… do you really think the vaccine is promoted by Trump? If that is how you understand what is going on, how do you interpret everything else?

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    • Hi Eniko,
      I have never once heard that any of these things will be disappearing. The QFS is keeping up with all bank accounts etc and knows exactly what you have in there. Although I haven’t heard about superannuation specifically, I believe I would have if there was any danger of losing it.

  1. Hi Marilyn ..have a question about debt forgiveness thing ..if you owe payments on a vehicle you bought will the payments be wiped clean and owe them nothing?

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