5 Reasons To Avoid Jab – What Happens?

Here’s just 5 reasons to avoid taking the jab. Unfortunately many have been coerced into accepting an experimental ‘vaccine’ into their body believing they are doing the right thing for humanity.

We live in a very strange world, don’t we?

Yes, we are all familiar with the propaganda and misinformation that’s being spread from virtually every news outlet worldwide.

Through this endless propaganda people have been subjected to, countless millions have ‘done the right thing’ and gone to have their jabs. They scrub their hands in poisonous chemicals at every shop outlet. Social distance whenever you approach.

As you look into the frightened eyes of the face nappies walking past you, you realise they truly believe that the boogey man is just waiting to grab them.

Any science can prove that masks are a complete waste of time and has nothing to do with preventing the spread of anything. They say everything is based on science, so why not this time?

None of them do any research as they have full faith in their doctor, the news media outlets and their government. They wouldn’t lie!

The news media know the value of subliminal messaging, so they insert the appropriate words in at every opportunity. It’s reinforced over and over every time the TV is turned on. Most believe that the ‘news’ is delivered without any alternate agenda in play. They are the true believers who disregard common sense!

But… I really do believe that during the beginning months of 2022, much of this will grind to a halt.

Are the hospitals really full?

We are told our hospitals are full to overflowing, so they are turning away the unvaxxed people so they can deal with the vaxxed.

Strange when you stop and think about it, isn’t it?

If it’s not the people who have refused the jab taking up the hospital beds, then who are they?

Must be the vaxxed! Yes, that must be it. Why?

Yes, in the most part, it’s those who received the shot/s that are finding the need for a hospital bed. The following will give you an idea why…

I’ve transcribed what Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD, Oxford gave a talk to a school board in Ohio:

5 reasons to avoid the jab

Transcript begins…

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone who created the messenger mRNA vaccine said:

No-one should ever take these jabs ever under any circumstance whatsoever!

Dr Robert Malone

He created it and he says don’t ever do it!

Dr Sean Brooks continues…

So let me explain what is going to happen to the people who have taken it. The people who have taken it are going to die in the next 6 months to 3-5 years. For three reasons:

You’ve dramatically decreased your own immune system by 35%.

  • The first jab did it by at least 15%
  • The second by did it by 35%
  • If you take any booster shot, you will die. That’s it!
  • You take a flu shot in the future, you will die.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

  • This is what is happening with these jabs for everyone who has taken it, unless of-course, you have taken a placebo, but there’s no way that you would know that.
  • So given that fact, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement tricks the body into believing that the cell that’s eating the pathogen when it isn’t.
  • It ends up leading to what is called a cytokine storm which causes organ failure. That will cause your death. There’s no stopping it. No amount of drugs will stop that.

Blood clotting.

  • Everyone who’s taken the jab is blood clotting. If you don’t believe me there is a way to find out…
  • Take what’s called a D-dimer test. What that does is detects blood clotting at the microscopic level.
  • They are cutting full blood clots out of people right now, as I’m talking to you. Millions have died from the jabs.


  • In your last meeting you advocated for people to take the jabs, along with wearing masks, and I heard parents saying the same thing.
  • You’re going to sterilize them permanently. People who have taken the jabs are sterilized.
  • 80% of women who have been jabbed have lost their children in the first trimester. You can’t have kids.


  • You have also injected yourself with the equivalent of HIV.
  • You can no longer breastfeed, donate blood, donate organs, donate blood plasma or bone marrow.
  • If you don’t believe me, try to donate blood and blood plasma and find out what happens. You will be denied, unless you live in California in which case they are allowing people to donate toxic blood with spike proteins in it.
  • Jabs create spike proteins… they are in the jabs themselves and they created by snapping your RNA in half.

Transcript ends…

Dr Sean Brooks speaks at School Board Meeting, Ohio… August, 2020.

He’s pointed out 5 main reasons why you would never consider taking the shot. As for me and my dog, just one of these reasons would be enough to cause me to run for the hills!

Is there an answer to this dilemma?

Although this what you read above is most probably the future for many of our loved ones, I have heard that the soon coming medbeds will be able to restore your DNA back to when you were born. I’m hoping, with all that’s within me, that this is the truth.

Many have taken this jab unknowingly and as they are beginning to learn of the potential of what they have done, many are certainly regretting the decision.

I believe that the God in heaven is a good God. He has the answer for every need. I do not believe there is anything man can do on this earth that He cannot undo. But He doesn’t just simply do it… it requires a belief that He indeed wants to do it, and then asking Him.

So here I have given you, through Dr Sean Brooks, 5 reasons to avoid the jab. When we have this knowledge, we can make a qualified decision that is based upon science and truth rather than propaganda, lies and deceit.



  1. Hi,

    Something doesn’t add up, if the “good guys” have taken control already, why are the mandates still happening and the vaccines pushed?, aren’t all the bad guys “gone” already?, this means it’s the new “good guys” doing the killing then.

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