Massive Ship Lodged Firm! How to Ask Pertinent Questions

massive ship lodged firm
(AP: Suez Canal Authority)

So here we are with a massive container ship lodged firm in the banks of the Suez Canal!

Was it simply an accident, or is there more to this story?

Are there any unusual signs that could point to it being more than accidental… that maybe it’s been a deliberate move by ‘someone’ to bring the giant ship to its knees?

I don’t know about you, but I’m naturally the kind of person that needs to ask questions, especially when something doesn’t sit quite right with me.

Massive ship lodged firm… let’s ask some questions:

What do we see across the side of it?

Evergreen. This is one of a group of ships they call Evergreen.

So, what is the name of the actual ship?

‘Ever Given’

What caused the ship to become lodged?

massive ship lodged firm

The news media are putting it down to the wind.

Ask yourself, would the wind be able to control such a large ship which would have all the benefit of auto pilot to keep it firmly on-route?

Just think of the many winds it would be battered with as it traverses the seas. Just asking you to think about it. I kind of think that saying it was the wind is an easy reason to give. But was it?

This is how badly they believe the ship has embedded itself into the sand and mud:

For more information as it updates

Are we able to make some more connections?

Where was the ship built?

Taiwan… that’s no big deal, one way or another.

So, who owns the ship?

Owned by Walmart and the Clin/ton Found/ation… if true, that’s a big deal!

What do they allege they are both involved in?

C/h/i/l/d and H/u/m/a/n T/r/a/f/f/i/c/k/i/n/g… and that they use the large container ships to ship ‘them’ around the world.

How many containers can the ship carry?

I’ve heard… 20,000… that’s twenty thousand containers!

If all the above allegations are correct, it leads me to think there is something going on here.

Was the ship sabotaged?

If so, who by?

Will we ever find out. I don’t know. But who would have an interest in sabotaging that ship, we need to ask ourselves.

If… and I say if… those ships were used for what it has been suggested, wouldn’t the White Hats… the worldwide Alliance have a great deal of interest of bringing that ship to a halt so they could investigate it?

Those involved in this would definitely be interested!

I think so. Am I saying that’s who did something to it? No I’m not, because how would I know! As I said before… just asking some relevant questions.

Seems to make sense to me!

As the White Hats are removing all the real evil from our world, if that ship was being used for such nefarious means, wouldn’t they know that? Wouldn’t they set their sights on it? Sure they would.

Did they come it from beneath the water? If so, it would need to be a submarine. They would need to be in the right place at the right time… but they’re good at that we know, don’t we? Interesting thought.

Didn’t I hear something about a submarine missing? Hmm… I think I did! Wonder if there is any connection?

Did you know that the ship went aground in the narrowest part of the canal?

Did you also know that apparently the Soviet Navy vessels were all on one side of it and the US Navy vessels were on the other side?

You can’t tell me this is not a White Hat operation!

That ship is stuck, and stuck good. Somehow it was rammed into the bank to make sure it was!

Something big is coming out… and I for one, can’t wait!

So how have they tried to refloat the ship?

First the tugboats tried their best to move it. Nope, it was not going anywhere.

Next they sent in a digger. Did you see the size of that digger against the size of the ship? Gosh, it looked just like a Tonka toy! It dug away, but once again it did nothing to move the ship.

So, the suggestion has been made… let’s unload the containers off the ship! Yay!

The ship being sideways in the canal will make it very hard to off-load those containers. It’ll be so interesting to see how they manage to do that.

massive ship lodged firm

Will it cause the ship to topple?

Some have suggested the ship may break in half!

What if, through the difficulty of taking containers off the ship that they accidentally drop one?

What if, in the dropping, it splits open?

And what if, the split open container reveals human goods?

Hey, it may not. Maybe, just maybe, this ship is carrying only legit goods for Walmart.

But, if it’s not… the whole world will have it revealed, and see first hand, if that’s what they have been up to using these container ships.

Just saying.

Are there any other signs?

Another sign that something is up is the fact the name ‘Evergreen’ has been linked with Hillary Clinton as a code-name she used. This is what they are saying: The code-name was apparently used for ab/ducting minors from Haiti.

My personal opinion, for what it;s worth… I think this has got God written all over it, one way or another. I really do think this is something big and what it will reveal, only time will tell.

Was the gust of wind straight out of the mouth of God? Did He ram it into the side… stuck fast? If He wanted to do this, it’s nothing to Him. Or did He use humans to bring it about? Only time will tell, and as I said before, I don’t know if we’ll ever find out. Once everything begins to be revealed to us we won’t remember these little details as having any relevance.

Off the top of your head you may reject some of these things, but my job is to cause you to be interested enough to go and do your own research.

None of us, or virtually none of us, can know any of this first-hand. But instead, why would you want to believe what the news media tell you when you can’t know that first hand neither? Do you really trust they are telling the truth?

Can we believe what they say?

I’m just pointing out a few things that should make you wonder about the circumstances surrounding this massive ship lodged firm in the sides of the canal… cause you to ask some questions for yourself.


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