QFS – Revealing Simple Information Makes It Easier To Understand


I’m going to try and cover some of the information about the QFS in order to make it easier for you to understand. That’s my goal, anyway!

What does QFS stand for?

QFS stands for Quantum Financial System. It is a world-wide ledger system of debit and credits for account within the QFS.

So what is it?

The QFS is just one part, or one application (app), of many parts or other apps.

Some are:

  • Finance – Quantum Financial System
  • Voting – Quantum Voting System
  • Educational – Quantum Educational System

All these apps are part of, or housed, within the Quantum Computer (QC). I will talk more about these as we go on…

Where is the Quantum Computer based?

It is said that the QC is based on an orbiting satellite. I have also heard that is is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure it cannot be hacked in any way. I cannot confirm this one way or another at the moment… it is just hearsay. Others say it but there is never any reference to where they received the information.

I know this idea will cause problems for those who believe the earth is flat and that there are no such things as ‘orbiting satellites’. I have tried to delve into it, but at this point in time, my head doesn’t settle one way or another. Too many questions either way!

I believe we will learn in time exactly where it is… if we need to know.

A completely different Quantum Technology than the world has ever known

There is nothing else like this in the world… nothing remotely near it in any way. People are saying that it’s provided to us by ‘benevolent extraterrestrial Galactics’. Once again, I cannot find anything to prove such a claim. Not saying it’s wrong, but how do we know?

If anyone reading this can supply me with documented evidence I would be keen to receive it.

I struggle with all this extraterrestrial talk. I’m going through an awakening just as much as anyone else, but I continue to balk at this information.

If they mean it was supplied to us by God, I have no problem with that… none at all. That sits right with me. I can easily believe that God showed certain people how to put it together… He’s good at that!

It works by light, vibration, and sound but please do not ask me to explain that!

What is the purpose of the QFS?

It’s purpose is very, very necessary. It will completely put an end to all the Cabal activities… corruption, usury, manipulation of the banks etc.

What will it do?

It is very huge. It’s capacity is more than enough to house every computer function that the world can throw at it. There will still be a whole heap of room left over.

Most of us are familiar with using cloud applications, it will be a bit like that. It is believed to be the place where everything is stored from all computers world-wide.

That sounds a little scary. It feels potentially like we will lose control. Is this true?

Well one of the key benefits is that it will protect everyone from the evil corruption we have been subjected to. If indeed it’s been supplied to us by God, there can be nothing more secure than that.

Quantum Financial System – how we will use it?

It will do away with the banking system. Our money is our money and there will be no-one dipping their dirty little fingers into our own stash!

When we make a payment, let’s say person to person, the transaction will go from our account to their account in a flash of time. No fees. No holding on to our money so they can derive income off of it.

We don’t need to go near a bank. Instead, we will use our own computers, phones etc to make the transaction. Simple. Easy.

It moves with a technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second!

Every transaction will be with total transparency to all currency holders.

Is it only a digital currency?

It works beautifully as a digital currency, but that alone would present a huge problem. A great portion of the world do not have the benefits of the west and rely on cash, and cash only.

To meet that need, I believe there will be cash for at least a period of ten years. I’m presuming the system will gradually be taught to all peoples everywhere so that when the time comes for digital only, no-one will suffer and all will be completely used to the method.

How does it differ from our current currency?

At the moment, we have been using what is known as Fiat Currency. This is a currency that lacks intrinsic value and is established as a legal tender by government regulation. This Fiat currency cannot be designated as clear and clean. They have no way of knowing whether it is being used for terrorists or other illegal activities.

On the other hand, all currencies world-wide, being used as part of the QFS is:

  • Gold Backed or Asset Backed, not a Gold Standard. The MSM will tell you we are moving over to a new Gold Standard, but that system is dead in the water.
  • Every coin or note contains a digital number so they know exactly who has it, where it’s come from, where it’s going etc.
  • A ledger will tell who sent it and what account received it
  • It contains Artificial Intelligence which is live and current with every financial transaction. This ensures it’s transparent and legal etc.
  • It protects the Sovereignty and the Privacy of each currency holder.
  • Banks and governments will no longer own your money. They will not have the right to tell you how to distribute your money.
  • This system can never be destroyed by any world-wide leader.
  • There will be no more adjusting the value of gold between countries as with the Gold Standard.
  • Gold will no longer be used as currency but will then become a commodity.

How can they ensure that it is Gold Backed?

The world contains an enormous amount of gold. The Cabal have been stock-piling gold bullion in a way that most of us could not even imagine! The Bullion Exchange Bank Vault of gold has been set apart, identified and secured for every nation that is compliant with Nesara/Gesara.

When President Trump and the Alliance circumnavigated the world, visiting all country leaders, one of the first lot that were arrested were the 13 Bloodline families. Because they had committed crimes against humanity, all their assets were seized. And were there assests! Piles and piles of it.

The richest family of all were the Pacers who were sitting on Quadtrillions! To understand how much that is… if everyone on the whole earth was given one million dollars… man, woman and child… there would still be heaps and heaps left over. (Worked out by Dr Charlie Ward).

Gold from places like Cambodia, Philippines, the Vatican (who has recently sent out to their parishoners that they are broke and need donations!) the Royal Families… etc. etc. etc. have been collected and then sent out to every country in the world to gold-back their currencies. Dr Charlie Ward is involved in ensuring this is done.

All the funds have been loaded and unlocked ready to use.

I’ve been hearing about the Great Reset… is this the same?

Fortunately I can answer categorically the answer is NO!

That is a system that the Cabal have been wanting to inflict upon us and what they’ve been working very hard towards. It’s not remotely like the QFS and was a system designed to bring us all into total enslavement.

We have missed out on that fate by a hair’s breadth!

The Bidens/Clintons/Soros/Bush/Obamas were all behind this. They said ‘we would own nothing and be happy!’ while they own everything.

But praise God, He sent a man called Trump, and we have been saved, and are being saved, from a fate worse than death!

Don’t Be fooled!

When will The Quantum System be ready?

The QS is on right now. The QFS is still being tested on all levels.

We have to realise that the Alliance was up against every government worldwide. They were all under the Cabal. Every teensy, weensy, little thing has to be tested and tested yet again! When they last endeavoured to bring it out it resulted in the downfall of the Twin Towers. We do not want a repeat of that, or something worse.

Once the Global Currency Rest (GRC) takes place, the QFS will be activated. All currencies of the world will then have a Gold Backed system, with each country on par with everyone else.

The Quantum Voting System

This system has been in operation for awhile. The following is what I believe took place…

During the 2020 United States election, it was running alongside the Dominion Voting System. As most of us already know, they stole the election using nefarious means.

Did President Trump know this was going to happen? Of-course he did… it was all part of the plan to expose them. He was watching the voting taking place on the Quantum Voting System and saw first-hand all they were doing.

He Who Laughs Last!

It was a definite part of the plan that he should step down and allow Biden to pretend to be president! We will understand this plan more in future days, but you can bet it was a brilliant plan… and we will all rejoice.

The same Dominion Voting System has been used in countless other elections around the world. Owned by the Cabal, they simply manipulated the figures to get their desired result. This has happened in countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and England. Has it happened in all countries? I don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised… same Cabal wanting the same results, so why not?

But we mustn’t get our knickers in a knot over it… they are all doomed. Soon they will never have the opportunity again, if they live to tell the story.

The Quantum Voting System cannot be manipulated. All elections will be fair and square. We need to put our thinking caps on and decide who we really do want to run our country on our behalf.

The Quantum Educational System

History, for many years, has been rewritten by the Cabal. This was then taught in the schools. None of us really know what went on, only what we’ve been taught.

For the last 20 years or so, certain people have been rewriting our history so that we will all know the truth, and the truth will be taught in the schools.

Other than that, I don’t know a real lot about it.

The Deep State have been dealt with

At this point in time, the world-wide Deep State have already been dealt with. Many of the real leaders have already been trialled at Gitmo and may have left this earth. Therefore someone is role-playing their position so as to not upset the public too much before it’s time. Whether they are actors in masks, body doubles, clones or CGI, being led and directed by the White Hats, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

Massive Plan to Save The World!

I can supply no hard evidence for this general information. It is compiled from what I have heard Dr Charlie Ward tell us verbally, as has been working on the QFS personally, together with information to hand from the Chief Scientist of the Quantum Financial System (QFS).



    • Hi Shirley!
      My understanding is that we don’t have to do a thing. If a time comes when they expect us to do certain things, we will all be well informed.
      The QFS is already up and running and has been since August 2020 with every account being mirrored.
      Is there anything else your family member can do rather than having his paychecks going into a W-M account? Knowing what we know about that company, I wouldn’t trust them at all.
      If you are in doubt about him having or not having a bank account, why doesn’t he just go and open one up? The QFS system would know all about it.
      I am not at all sure what happens to funds over in private money management accounts.

  1. A program on the Rumble platform called “We the People News” comprised of information issued by Judy Byington, continues to tell listeners that any money belonging to investors that they are keeping in brokerage accounts (as opposed to the banks) will not be mirrored on the QFS system, and she tells people to transfer their accounts to a bank account before the QFS goes live soon. That makes no sense at all to me, as people invest so that they can continue to pay for their living expenses after they retire. Please help us once and for all to get rid of the possible bullshit continuously being dispensed via these ignorant people. It has been said by the level-headed truthers working with the freedom movement / white hats that all of people’s retirements funds are also mirrored and will follow over to the new financial system, having been mirrored there for the last two years. Who are retirees supposed to believe? The brokerages would have told people by now to sell their stocks before the transfer if they planned on taking down every corporation in existance to zero, and I don’t see much of that going on now on the stock market other than the fear and panic trades.

        • Dear Marilyn, my questions:
          humanitarian project they said are related to zimbonds. When you have no projets no exchange for zimbonds.what is your idea, thoughts or maybe fact you now.


          • OK Unamey! You are right, yes… sim and humanitarian projects go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean any other currency exchange cannot be used for humanity. Apparently, from what I know, you don’t have to do a humanitarian project with other currencies, but if you have one, go for it!

  2. Hi Marilyn. I have a question. Someone in Facebook advised me that I can now apply for QFS by going to a bitcoin ATM and when I go there that person will send me a wallet code. And to send money to that code. Once I do that then I will get information to transfer to QFS. That doesn’t sound right to me. What do you think?

    • Don’t like it Sandra!
      If it were something we should all be doing it would be everywhere. It’s not. I have heard something of this nature floating around, but I haven’t heard it from someone who I trust.
      So many scams. I would sit on it and wait. If it’s correct in any way, it will soon become obvious.
      The other thing is that it’s believed that bitcoin will be one of the crypto’s that’s going down, never to return.

  3. I bank with a credit union. They are supposedly owned by its members. How does this work with that QFS ? I don’t think they take money from the Fed Reserve for a mortgage or HELOC loan do they? And would they be QFS Compliant or would i have to take out my $$ and go to an redemption appointment to exchange? Thank you and God bless.

  4. Your article tracks with today’s prophets. For example, many arrests have been made; actors playing their roles; God’s David has never left his Presidential seat; a financial world and educational world of freedom we’ve never known. TY for your encapsulation of QS. Looking forward to the finer details. God bless you.

  5. One great topics about QFS Marilyn. If I had account in USA and I got saving account in Adelaide, will this be integrated to one account and we will get Quantum Access saving cards

    • Hi Tony, just saw your comment pop in!
      I can’t tell you exactly. I don’t believe they have shared all this information as yet, but maybe and I’ve not heard. Nevertheless, I do feel you are most probably right about the integration.
      Cant say about the Savings Cards as they usually just tell us that there will be a Debit Card and we’ll use our Q phones to make transactions.
      It won’t be long before it all comes out and well all understand. 🙂

    • I am not disbelieving. It is all quite exciting. But, in order for me to establish the credibility of anything important, I try to do my own research as much as possible. In this regard, please tell me where you get all this information on QFS, and what authority is it functioning under. Thank you.

  6. this is all new to me. I came from The Marshall report website and one of the bloggers had this site to check out. I’m glad I did. Very good information. I believe it will all happen when it’s God’s timing.

    • Hi Kim!
      It is expected that Nesara/Gesara will be called officially, but we do not know a specific date. It really depends upon ‘events’ that need to happen rather than just dates.
      I do not know when funds will be paid out… they can’t do everything in a day… I think it will take a bit of time to be outworked around the world…so I cannot confirm or not.
      The good news is that we know it’s coming… 🙂

  7. Hi Marilyn,
    I am an Australian with a mortgage. I don’t know if you are able to answer my question. When the QFS is implemented will I own my home?
    My husband and I have not and are not prepared to take the jab. Two of our children and one grandchild has. Not by choice but survival. I pray everyday for the antidote to be available quickly.
    I have read through the questions and responses on your page. I also follow Charlie plus done loads of my own research but information is not so easily accessible. I would appreciate any answers you can give. Also how do we get quantum phones?
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Kaylene,
      From everything I’ve learned, yes you will own your home. The mortgage, being from an illegal banking system, will be wiped.
      It’s wonderful you have stood your ground against the jab. It’s so sad that some, although they didn’t want to take the jab, felt they had to just to get by. Talk about crimes against humanity!
      As far as I’m aware, we will all receive a quantum phone. I have been told they will be just giving them out. If this is true, it will be something else wonderful.
      I guess they want to hand them out so everyone has one as that’s the way things will be done in the future… everything via the phone. Thinking about it, it would be most awkward if people everywhere don’t own one as an alternative method of doing business who have to be in play. Nope, makes sense they make sure we all can afford to have one.

      • Thank you Marilyn.
        I pray this system is implemented in the not too distant future. We do attend rallies as much as we can. I wrote letters to politicians-it is hard to know who to trust that’s for sure. And yes everyday I ask for protection, strength and power to all those who are standing up. Doing what I can.

        • Exactly how it’s all going to play out, I do not know. Not many would know, I suspect. We have been told that once your QFS account is made available for you, it will contain quite a large sum already that is calculated as owing to you. Praise God! Banks and Unions will become null and void within the coming years, but some will be used to aid the transition… and because so many people only know how to use a bank/union and will have to learn the new ropes.

      • According to DAVE ‘XRP LION’ we will get a phone and computer when we go for our pay out. He has a great video on QFS that goes into more detail than Dr. Ward.

  8. Hi, i am Finnish, and my country should be one of these lucky countries that will get GESARA and QFS.

    I have never seen or had my birth certificate, what exactly have they done with those?

    Also, what countries belong into this upcoming system, i hear 209 countries,
    do you have a list somewhere?

    I am the only one in my family, and probably my whole family tree that will not take the jab, or test or wear mask even single time, so i should be clean.

    But when my whole family eventually dies to this “v axx”, do i get their money as well then? And any other posessions should be mine as next of kin, like houses and cars and what ever.

    That is gonna be big pile for what is coming my way.

    I have master card and klarna debts that should be zeroed out.

    I have plans to open computer repair service, when i have enuf money in my bank to upkeep a shop. I just been waiting for the best moment to do so, now i am jobless and just hungry to work again. There gonna be bigger money for new businesses?

    Think 2022 gonna be magic or bust?

    • Hi Maz85,
      Yes, definitely your country will be involved… in fact, all countries are. It includes all countries and territories.
      When the time comes to deal with our birth certificates I’m sure it will all be worked out.
      I know it’s the agenda of the bad people to depopulate the earth, but I really do believe that an antidote will be brought to the light. I do not believe you will lose all your family. Of-course unfortunately, without an antidote, it’s more than probably.
      I guess wills will be dealt with in the same manner, but I cannot really say.
      It’s really good you have plans for the computer repair service shop. Great! Of-course, I believe all our computers will be fazed out and be taken over by the Quantum computers. You may have to do more training but I reckon you’ll be up for it. 🙂
      I believe you will have more than sufficient for all you want to do… no worries.

    • Hi Bee!
      It is my opinion, and opinion of others, that the RV cannot really come out until after the removal of the fake JB. How that is going to happen is a mystery. When will the time be right for the Alliance to stop this façade of actors outplaying roles? I guess, when they’ve decided sufficient people have become aware.
      Will the MSM go down completely because of their incompliance with truth telling? And therefore, will the EBS take their place to share with the world?
      But I agree with you, I cannot see the RV coming out before something major takes place.
      I could be wrong but I can’t see how.

  9. According to Mark Z on youtube. If your zim hasn’t been in your possession for 5 years or longer, you’d have to wait a longer time before you could redeem them.

    He said that in his 8.18 evening video. He said it’s because of counterfit issues but the banker could easily put it under a UV light to see whether or not it’s counterfit. Plus, I’m certain that they’ll have a special program to verify serial numbers. Verifying a note shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

    Have you heard about this 5 year thing?

    Thank you.

    • No Kevin I haven’t. There has been a lot said that zim will be treated differently to all other currencies, for example, it can only be used for humanitarian projects. But I’ve also heard, and cannot confirm it, that it will be paid out as normal.
      Going back 4-5 years we were told that it will make a difference how long you have held currencies, but I actually haven’t heard anything like that for ages.
      Some of these things we just won’t know for sure until it’s happening.

      • I’m a regular guy. I don’t mind doing humanitarian projects but it has to be as simple as 123. I don’t do well with complicated. I’m more simple than apple pie, lol. Hopefully I’ll qualify for humanitarian projects but if I don’t, hopefully I’ll qualify for a default rate

          • If I get the zim that’s worth millions or billions, can that be exchanged? Does it have to be the 2008 AA brand?

          • Can you speculate on why the rv didn’t happen yet? It was supposed to happen multiple times last year according to Nick Fleming’s past posts on telegram. What’s your opinion?

          • Hi Kevin!
            We too, for many years followed people like Nick Fleming etc. We heard that the RV was going to happen in the next week countless times. I don’t place any blame on them as they were relating what they were hearing… but it seemed to go on forever. There was always this reason or that reason … or even no reason.

            But these days it is very apparent to me why the RV has not happened to date. If it had come out any earlier I believe such a lot of it would have ended up in the hands of evil people. They would have done everything in their power to get as much of it as possible.

            I think it will happen something like this: (Just my thoughts)
            1. All evil arrested.
            2. EBS worldwide explaining their evil and why they had to be taken.
            3. Nesara/Gesara announced.
            4. RV.

            Now, will it happen in that order? I don’t know. Then when the RV happens for real, it can be used to enhance lives worldwide.

            All we can do is wait and see…

  10. DOES this QFS eliminate just mortgage and credit debit; what about EIDL or small business loans. Can you provide more info on relating to redeeming Birth Certificate because I got on the treasury site and they claim that is myth

    • Hi Bonnie!
      I’m sorry but I cannot answer your questions. As I understand it, any bank loan charging interest will be wiped. Loans between private people are not covered. Student debts are covered so Ii would imagine small business loans would be too. This is because the bank has no right to charge interest. A small fee for the work they do is acceptable, but not more.
      Yes, there is a lot of conflicting information. I have reason to believe it is true, but the government are trying to cover it up so therefore they ‘fact-check’ it. Don’t believe too much on any government website.
      I have not personally looked into redeeming my own Birth Certificate but I do know it requires a proper ‘red ink’ copy… not just a document from the hospital. If you do not have one of those I would suggest you look into it asap.
      There is a lot of information on how to redeem your Birth Certificate online so I suggest you spend a little time becoming familiar with it all.
      We live in exciting times! 🙂

      • Questions about zim…

        I have 210 trillion zim, what will my payout be?

        I heard that applying for humanitarian projects will be extremely difficult and very time consuming, if that’s the case, I’ll take the default rate or the contract rate.

        When I get paid, will it be a lump sum or will it be in payments?

        I heard the interest rate will be 8% for a SAVINGS ACCOUNT under QFS. Is that true? What do u know about the interest rates for a savings account?

        Is it safe to assume there won’t be a capital gains tax, because under Nesara we’re going back to constitutional law and capital gains tax was implemented in 1913. Everything after 1871 is technically unconstitutional. Maybe I will have to pay a state tax but I doubt there will be a capital gain tax or a federal tax. Am I correct in my thinking?

        • Hi Kevin,
          I don’t think I can answer all of your questions. I have no idea what the zim payout will be. I don’t know if anyone would know that information. It’s been spread about that all zim has to be for humanitarian purposes but I don’t know if that is really true.
          Really, I can’t imagine applying for humanitarian projects would be so hard, I mean, that’s what they want, so why would they make it so difficult?
          Very large sums may come in regular payments owing to their sheer size.
          As for savings accounts, I do not know what the rate will be. I haven’t heard that anywhere. Really, I wonder who could be putting out that kind of information when it’s not official yet. Maybe someone knows, not sure.
          Under Nesara/Gesara there is supposed to be just one tax… and that is on the purchase of brand new non-essential items. So, I think you are right in your thinking.

      • Questions about Nesara.

        I heard those who redeem currency and ZIM won’t be eligible for universal basic income. Is that true?

        I heard that the Universal Basic Income will be $1200 to $1400 dollars, is that true?

        When we get reimbursed for our birth certificates, are we getting a lump sum or monthly payments?

        How much gold will be attached to the dollar? 1 gram or a different amount?

        • Hi Kevin!
          I cannot confirm any of your questions, in fact, I wonder where the information is coming from. To my knowledge (and I sure don’t know everything 🙂 ) this kind of information is not ready to come out. Maybe it came out while I was asleep. I will be happy to post on this but hesitate with all information until I feel pretty certain it’s right. I’m sure you understand.

      • What if we don’t have our original birth certificate but a certified copy from the capital I mean obviously we are here right so we were born and God knows we were born he knows us all right

        • I’m quite sure Ginger that it will sort itself out very well. You might not have the original but ‘they’ did… otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to trade you on the stock Market.
          You can always apply for an original if you are worried.

          • I have been told that the “original birth certificate” is house in state born and we can request a birth certificate from the state where we were born … ask that it has a seal imprint on it. Also I was lead to believe that they do not send the “original birth certificate” just the one that is certified.

    • Hi Susan!
      The QFS is a banking system… it will be the way we bank in the future. This includes the easy transference of funds anywhere in the world.
      ‘Help’ will come from the release of Nesara/Gesara when it is rolled out.

        • Hi Judie,
          Goodness, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Disney account! I just had to do a search on it.
          I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen with the future of all the banks. I know they are beginning to shut up shop, but at the same time, we’ve been told that a certain amount of banks will continue for the time being. I just don’t know which ones.
          The banks no longer have the ability to make money as they used to (illegally) so it’s just a matter of time.
          The new QFS system has been testing banks worldwide to see if they will do as they are instructed. Some do not and have endeavoured to steal QFS funds. Consequently the money was withdrawn and the bankers arrested.
          So with all that going on, I really don’t know where Di/sney stands except that the whole Disn/ey conglomerate is allegedly caught up in nefarious deeds.
          From all this, you will have to make up your own mind.

  11. I understand about getting back the value of my original birth certificate under Nesara. Can I also get back the value of my recently deceased husband’s birth certificate?

    I live in a community property state.
    What about the deed to the house and the title to the car? Is
    there anything that needs to be done on those when Nesara is implemented?

    Is there a website that explains Constitutional Law as opposed to Maritime Law which we have been under for so many years?


    • Hi Pat!
      I’m so sorry Pat that I cannot answer these questions for you. I don’t know if there is anywhere who can categorically say exactly how it will all work itself out. Whether you can get your deceased husband’s birth certificate, I do not know.
      Listen, I believe there will be ‘more than sufficient’ for you just dealing with your own.
      When Nesara/Gesara is formally announced, we will all be informed if there is something we need to do… such as birth certificates etc. I wouldn’t worry.
      You didn’t say where you are from, but my last post https://marilynjwilliams.com/the-common-law-for-dummies-easy-must-know-facts/ may help.

      • I have been married twice both spouses are deceased, all our loans and mortgages were in their name, I always worked and contributed to household expenses, one marriage lasted 18 yrs and one 45 yrs how does that work out for me?

        • I wish I could answer specifically for you, but really, I have no idea.
          All I know is that we are entering a time where everything will be fair and just. As both spouses are deceased, I would expect that the benefits will find their way to you.
          I wouldn’t go worrying too much. I don’t believe anyone is going to miss out. 🙂

  12. Thank you Marilyn, Like you, some of the explanations I have read or watched on video are quite troubling. Yet there is so much going on the Holy Spirit has been causing a stir. This really came to laser focus staying up watching the election returns on Fox. It literally hit me in the heart, something big is happening! I have been trying since then to figure it out so as to explain it better. Maybe so my wife of 44 years can understand! I’m feeling like I should be helping, probably with education. I am hoping soon everything will be more public and information more readily available. Thanks again for publishing! Noral

    • Thanks for your kind words Noral.
      Yes I agree, the HS is stirring up the pond bigtime. Something really big is definitely happening, but as you say, not always readily available so we can both watch and understand.
      We were told to ‘Trust the plan’. Really, there is not a lot else we can do, is there?
      So much information, together with mis-information… wartime…
      Trusting it will become public very soon, as it’s a hard road meanwhile for many people.
      Keep the faith. 🙂

  13. I’d love to believe there was a people’s monetary system but see no evidence of it and don’t believe the computer capacity yet exists for a global credit and debit ledger system and how is money allocated at the outset and a unit of value determined

    • Hi Heather!
      The QFS is just such a system and we are moving over onto it right now. You won’t ‘see’ evidence of it as there is nothing to show. Everything that has been going on… the virus, 5G, riots,vacs, etc. have all been a things designed to keep our attention occupied while it’s all being instigated.
      Please though, don’t take my word for it… do your own research. Dig deep! Go elsewhere other than the MSM or Google. It’s all out there for everyone to see that wants to dig it out.
      I cannot give you finite details on how the value is determined, but it is all backed by gold. 1US$ = 1AUD$ = 1 Dong = 1 Dinar etc. etc.
      It is about to be released to the world and is very exciting.

      • Marilyn,

        So I have been praying all of this to be true, but the Bible states our destiny? It does mention a jubilee but what about revelations and the rapture? If all evil has been taken down then how would the leader who well trust end up being the anti-Christ? I pray every day that it is not Trump and that he had tricked us into communism/socialism or in a very bad situation? I mean I have been a Trump supporter from day 1, but only because of what the Bible states, I continue to worry about when the other shoe will drop?! That is my only hang up! ????

        Also, is it really true about our birth certificates being stolen and placed into the corrupt stock market of which they have made millions off of us? And if that is true, will we get those funds? I am 54 yrs old and I know longer have retirement funds, so I fear what my future will hold!

        Also I am a mortgage underwriter for a Mega Bank (who has made me mentally ill from that toxic environment) I am on a leave of absense right now trying to get well again, but i don’t want to go back, because I know that I will fall right back into that mental illness! I would assume that my role will eventually be extinguished (or I will be jobless due the upcoming crash – worse than 2008) but that is all that I know? Been in this line for over 30 yrs! My real passion is to save the unwanted animals/pets and help cure the elderly of their ailments!

        • Hi Kimmie,
          As you may have noticed, I used some of your questions to formulate a new post. Did you see it?
          Yes, it’s very true that they have taken our Birth Certificates as you have stated. In time it’s believed all those funds they’ve made off us will be returned to us. I cannot give a date.
          Your real passion may very well become a reality. We just have to wait until it’s safe for these funds to be released so they’ll end up in the hands of the good, and not with the evil ones.
          Bless you Kimmie, thank you for your questions.

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