More Gold Than You Can Imagine Found in the Tunnel

More gold than you can imagine

There was more gold than you can imagine found in the tunnel under the Vatican City.

Running from Vatican City, and deep underground, there is a tunnel that runs almost in a direct line to Jerusalem.

The actual direct flight distance is 1,432.90 miles (2,306.03 kms).

The length of the tunnel was given as approximately 1,500 miles, so it cuts through underneath both land and water.

You may ask… but how do they build them… and how long do they take?

See how they build these huge tunnels

More gold than you can imagine!

Starting from the Vatican City, for the first 150 miles, (241 kms) there was found a huge amount of gold stacked 13 levels high. I’m not sure what ’13 levels high’ actually means, but whatever, it was a lot.

Along with this massive amount of gold were found many books or manuscripts. It has been said that these ancient books were stolen out of the Bible!

Do I believe that? Well, I’m not going there as it would be conjecture at best. I’m just reporting what was relayed to Charlie Ward as to the findings under the Vatican.

Covid-19 used as a smokescreen

You may remember that when the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ first hit, one of the worst places was in Italy. Remember all the headlines:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy
  • Italy scrambles to contain second wave as daily COVID-19…
  • Italy’s daily COVID-19 cases hit new high
  • and on, and on, and on!

This was when the Alliance and Military were taking down the 13 bloodline families, and the Vatican. During this period they found the underground tunnels, the gold and the scrolls/books etc.

It was completely necessary that they kept the world’s attention on the ‘virus’ which allowed them to clean out the tunnel and other necessary work that needed to be done.

The Spirit of God says, “There is a dig, an archeological find that is coming in an underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will ROCK the Christian world.

The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican city.”

Mark Taylor – Prophetic Word 1-25-2018 (FYI: Read the whole 1 page prophecy)

650 Plane Loads

650 aeroplanes were required to carry away all the gold that was brought out of the tunnel which led to Jerusalem.

Please note that when they went to Buckingham Palace, they found similar… huge amounts of gold etc., stored up for the wealthy, having been robbed from the poor.

It was all taken to Fort Knox for safe keeping.

When Nesara/Gesara are being rolled out, much of this gold will be used on humanitarian projects. There is more than enough gold in the world to back all the world’s currencies on a one to one basis, and sufficient to take care of all needs worldwide.

We are moving into a different world, only made possible by the complete removal of the evil Cabal who have been busy robbing us blind in every possible way.

It raises so many questions doesn’t it? “The love of money is the root of all evil” the Bible quotes in 1 Timothy 6:10. Please notice it’s the ‘love of money’… not the money itself, that is the root of all evil. Loving money, and ever being greedy for more money, which brings with it power, which ultimately leads to total control of others.

Does this give a full picture of what the New World Order have been working at over a very long time?

So there was more gold than you can imagine found in the tunnel that connected the Vatican with Jerusalem. How did it get there? Who put it there? Over how many thousands of years has it continued to be stock-piled? Will we ever know? Who knows!



  1. Hi Marilyn –

    So good to hear your uplifting replies to so many troubled souls. Many of these comments are from 2021 – that’s a while ago!

    the chemtrails are a world wide occurance that began off California around 1999-2000 and spread east all over the world ,mainly by the USAF. As I had responded to President Trump in an email request for campaign funds,” We’ll know we have our country back when the chemtrails end” Here’s a video by an authority on chemtrails:
    Another point about them is that no matter WHAT the substance they’re dropping is, it’s a POLLUTANT to the lungs and no human should be breathing in a dust that will clog God’s beautifully designed air sacks and lead to disease and death.
    Chemtrails are a NWO weapon to kill us.


    • Interesting video Gene! I can remember someone who was telling me all about the chemtrails about 23 years ago. Where I lived at the time I didn’t ever notice them, but he was always growling to me that they were passing over his place. I guess he lived about maybe 169 kilonmetres from me.
      back in 2014, when we were travelling south through Victoria on our way to Tasmania, I was amazed to see how clouded up the sky in Victoria was from all the chemtrails. I had never seen it like that in NSW… at the time.
      We have had our fair share of them here in Tasmania, but nothing remotely like what we see the US gets. Unbelievable.
      I have heard the ‘good guys’ are now spraying to clear up the skies, but I cannot confirm that of-course.
      I agree with you that they were always only had one real intention and that was to kill us, as you say. Praise God that ‘they’ are the ones going down and our entire earth will be/is being cleared up.

      • Bonjour Marilyn

        Je viens de tomber par hasard sur votre site que je trouve passionnant à plus d’un titre. Tout d’abord j’avais lu sur un autre site mais il y a quelques années l’existence de tunnels et surtout celui dont vous parlez qui contiendrait plusieurs kilomètres de vagonets contant des tonnes et des tonnes d’Or. Je m’informe sur différents sites sur l’histoire depuis notre création par des extra-terrestres venus sur terre depuis 300 000 ans environ chassés par leurs ennemis en guerre contre eux. Ces E.T arrivèrent sur la terre qu’il appelèrent “KI” Vraisemblablement après cette époque on peut comprendre qu’ils ne soient jamais repartis et demeureraient pour certains d’entre-deux en intra terre ou la vie est possible. Je pense que la situation mondiale que nous connaissons le Co vid, les piqûres et les gouvernements mondiaux qui réduisent nos libertés, la guerre où vous savez, bref tout semble nous diriger vers des commanditaires de l’anéantissement de l’Humanité qui pourraient être certains de ces E.T qui voudraient garder notre belle planète pour eux. Je pense que l’argent a acheté les âmes de nos dirigeants politique sans scrupules dans le but de nous éliminer. Sauf que il y a un os; c’est l’Alliance Humaine qui se bat dans ces fameux tunnels que l’on peut appeler aussi les “Whites Hates” Donc le bien contre le mal. Pour permettre une belle fin à cette guerre qui se déroule dans l’ombre il faut que l’Humanité toute entière adresse des prières régulières à ces soldats et nous gagnerons tous ensemble ce combat qui dure depuis plusieurs années déjà. Nous avons que ces tunnels en question sont très profonds de l’ordre de plusieurs dizaines de milliers de kilomètres sous la terre. D’ailleurs avez-vous peut-être connaissance de ce Monsieur Phil scheinder J’aurai tellement à dire sur ce sujet qu’il me faudrait beaucoup plus de temps. Merci de me dire si tout ceci vous parle bien. en espérant vous relire plus tard. Bien à vous et portez vous bien. Chrstian

        • Translation:
          I just stumbled upon your site that I find exciting in more ways than one. First of all I had read on another site but a few years ago the existence of tunnels and especially the one you are talking about which would contain several kilometers of vagonets containing tons and tons of gold. I learn about the history of different sites since our creation by aliens who came to earth for about 300,000 years and were hunted by their enemies at war with them. These E.Ts arrived on the earth they called “KI”. Presumably after this time we can understand that they never left and would remain for some of them in intra earth where life is possible. I think that the world situation that we know the Co vid, the bites and the world governments that reduce our freedoms, the war where you know, in short everything seems to direct us towards sponsors of the annihilation of Humanity who could be some of these E.Ts who would like to keep our beautiful planet for themselves. I think money bought the souls of our unscrupulous political leaders in order to eliminate us. Except there’s a bone; it is the Human Alliance that fights in these famous tunnels that can also be called the “Whites Hates” So good against evil. To allow a beautiful end to this war that is taking place in the shadows, it is necessary that the whole of humanity addresses regular prayers to these soldiers and we will all win together this fight that has been going on for several years already. We have that these tunnels in question are very deep on the order of several tens of thousands miles underground. By the way, you may be aware of this Mr. Phil scheinder I will have so much to say on this subject that I would need much more time. Please let me know if all this speaks to you. hope to read you again later. Yours well and well. Christian

          My response:
          You are quite right about the Alliance, often referred to as the White Hats. It truly is good against evil. Our job is to believe they have it all and to trust they know what they are doing. No grumbling. No growling. No negativity. Keep positive happening. If you are one who prays, then pray: ‘They kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’! It’s a very huge battle but fortunately for us, we know the end of the story… we know who wins! It’s us!!!!!
          Thank you for your thoughts Christian, we’re so happy to hear from you. 🙂

    • Hi Dani!
      Yep… countless thousands are definitely stupid enough to believe. Dig into your own research and see for yourself. We believe because of the research we do, not because we simply heard someone say it.

      • So why is none of this information coming out yet ,? I have bean reading about this stuff for 4-5 years now and nothing has changed, . Why?

        • Hi SoulMedicine!
          I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you! There is SO much happening all the time. We will come through this difficult time and out into a beautiful place but we have to realise it cannot happen whilever the wicked are still on this earth.
          That might sound like it would never be, but that’s not the case. I truly believe from all sources that the White Hats are in complete control and what we are seeing now is more like a movie… designed to wake up sleeping people. August/Sept/Oct have all been slated as HUGE months and from everything we are seeing, that is truly the case.
          Try to follow the intel that is letting you know what’s really going on. That way you can keep your spirits and your faith levels high.

        • God is getting ready to expose it all. It had to be in the right timing as people had to be awakened. A lot more are now. There will always be those with cognitive dissonance but the church needed awakening. The church is the future.

      • One kilo bars of gold are the size of smartphones. f 1 kilo bars of gold were placed end-to-end for 1,433 miles, the weight would be 929,799,277 Troy ounces. Fort Knox depository had 147,341,858 Troy ounces secured in 2018. That’s over a 600% increase in gold reserves. That’s quite a tight fit.

        Another theory is that the Annunaki aliens created humans to mine gold. Humans have stripped gold from the dead for nearly 2000 years to fill the tunnel. When the tunnel was located, the gold was given to the Annunakis who are now light-years away.

          • I am a follower of Jesus, as well. But, I do love fiction as well as the next guy. God created everything that exists, so if the Annunaki are real like the series Ancient Aliens claims, God created them, as well.

            What I have trouble with is believing the tremendous amount of stories coming out with this Great Awakening, i.e., White Hats/Black Hats, Clinton coup d’etes, NWO takeover, mass GITMO executions, doppelganger elites, 8,000,000 child abductions per year, adrenochrome consumption, NWO Takeover by the the greatest force of evil the world has ever known, Rothschild, Davos, Rockefeller, Vatican world control, presidential election theft, The Fall of the Cabal, The Greatest Precision Military Operation in World History, QAnon Military Intelligence, The Alliance Forces, 1500 mile tunnel filled with gold, NESARA / GESARA, etc.. You have to admit, these stories read like pulp fiction on steroids and are not fit for minors to read. However, if all of this is true, it surely will be the greatest story ever told.

            I pray that President Trump is right and we all will love how this movie ends.

            God Bless you.

          • Hi Jackie, a day will come when it will all be revealed. When that happens, if there is anything that is being shared around that’s not totally true, we will all find out. Hopefully that time will be very soon. I believe it will be.

          • Annunaki does not equate to ‘monkey’ & you do yourself & others a great disservice to be so ignorant, calling yourself a Christian. I speak this in love, as so many of us have had to wake up to the truth, just as shown in this article; there is much more than just the Apographa which they (Rome) removed from the Bible. Paul Anthony Wallace is a minister specialising in teaching the truth about our Annunaki/Elohim creators. There are many more, which you will find if you seek the truth.

          • Matthew 24:24
            For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

            1 Timothy 4:1
            But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,

            2 Timothy 4:3-4
            For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

      • “many books or manuscripts. It has been said that these ancient books were stolen out of the Bible!”

        Just a reminder to consider… *IF* God is .. then.. God can write a book and get it delivered to the last person in the last time at the last moment.

        If God is not – then – who cares as it is all vanity….

        • I hear what you’re saying. It’s what I’ve always believed actually… that God could see to it that we have all we need. And yes, that’s the way I believe it still is. I also believe that if any of the new books go against what is already contained, they are the ones that should be tossed out.
          I know the enemy is crafty, but at the end of the day he’s a complete loser!
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • What ever you believe today, will be your reality tomorrow. You are free to believe in scarcity. Your believes are your “GOD” whatever you choose to believe in the Universe will give you evident of your beliefs. and that is all that your “ego” will allow you to believe in.

    • They aren’t imaginary stories anymore bcoz they are unfolding before us right now. Wake up, do your own research and find out what’s really happening bcoz the MSM is complicit in it all and the are indeed the fake news. Go to the back channels like Rumble, Bitchute, Gab Parler and Truth Social to get the truth of what’s happening!

  2. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherited the Earth
    Try to keep faith as we all tread this dark road.
    The light has already won. Only 20% are awake at present. The things happening at present, the fake Biden administration is to wake people from their slumber.
    The unawoken still think the virus is still here, still wearing their masks and think the Ukraine is being attacked by the Russians which is in fact all the same country. Read up on bio labs across the world, WMD found on Evergreen. Covid was just the start, these evil bastards had much more in plan for the world. Thank God for the brave Alliance and other beings. May and June are supposed to be interesting months, waiting with bated breath.

  3. It might be a good idea to read the book “Peace among the Willows” that evaluates Francis Bacon’s book of 1626, “The New Atlantis”. The House of Lords that owned the British East India Company wanted to keep gargantuan profits from soil resources in India, China and North America in only their control. Elizabeth Tudor came to an agreement with the Vatican Italian Black Nobility and Jesuits to receive their idea of World Government, no longer in Venice but transferred to London, 1517 to 1600. The John Birch Society and Schiller Institute exposes these plots. As does Wm G Carr’s Book, “Pawns in the Game” and Eustace Mullins book, “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”.

  4. Last time I commented here I should have wrote to Marilyn Williams that I hope this story is true because I started to believe in Donald Trump when Kim Clement said of him, “Trump is a Trumpet”. As in “Blow the Trumpet in Zion, Sound the alarm in My Holy mountain”. If Donald Trump regains the Presidency, there will certainly will be Rothschild banking system takedown & replacement. A Jubilee will happen because of the 1776, 1811, 1871, 1913, 1933, 1944, 1971 mostly banking events directed & controlled by Rothschild stooges. This to orchestrate world wars to finance monetary policies to take the resources of America to serve the House of Lords that owned the British East India Company. Has Donald Trump been chosen, I certainly voted for him?

    • It’s ok Dennis, I get to read all the comments.
      Personally, I truly believe in Trump as you stated above. We live in a time where we need eyes in the back of our heads at all times. Nothing is as it seems but it all has to be.
      Basically, I really believe we are indeed watching a movie play out before our eyes. Why? To show the people what it would have been like under their globalist regime. Much is given to us who have our eyes open so we can comprehend a little of what is going on, while those who have still been sleeping can be drip fed with reality.
      Yes, the Jubilee of all Jubilees is coming. The Word speaks of it over and over. I do believe Trump has been chosen by God to lead the world through such a strange and difficult time.

      • “If Donald Trump regains the Presidency, there will certainly will be Rothschild banking system takedown & replacement.”
        Une seule qustion, pourquoi ne l’aurait-il pas fait lors de sa première présidence ??

        • Translation: Just one question, why wouldn’t he have done it during his first presidency?
          He did an immense amount during his first 4 years but since then they have been working on exposing everything the dark side had planned for us. There will be no problem ongoing… nothing to worry about.

    • This is very true many were arrested Looku the arrest and executed Names are all there Vatican and Palace are not what you think

  5. Hi Marilyn,
    I just came across your website. It was very interesting to note the tunnels connecting the Vatican to Jerusalem, including the stolen Hebrew books and the gold. Well, did it ever occur to you that the hoard of gold brought in from Ophir was the collection of King Solomon who had ruled Jerusalem for 40 years. The gold he collected per year was 666 Talents. One Talent (approx) in today’s value is $1,176,050 so if this amount is multiplied by 666 Talents it’s close to 800M per year x by 40 years that’s a mega hoard + he had gold and diamond & other precious metal mines in Africa, the Philipines, India and other countries.
    So where did the Pharisees and Sadducees disappear? Well, they never did, their descendants exists until this day in the Vatican. And don’t forget, so also those Money Changers in the Temple that YAHUSHA whipped and drew out – they are the bankers of today. However, as for all the Hebrew books, and the sacred Temple items are in the Vatican. I had read that their underground library is 15 miles long and there are stacks and stacks of books in there. Many requests have been made by the Orthodox Jewish rabbis but those sacred things still remain there.
    As for the tunnels, why did they empty them out? Bcoz I believe that there in the Mediterranean sea is a mega volcano that will erupt from which the beast will arise and will embody the Anti-messiah or Antichrist who is being cloned from the body of Nimrod in the lab under the mountains of Colorado, Ever wondered what was the reason for the Iraq war? Keep your eyes on the White House. The false-prophet is undoubtedly the pope or the black pope? It’s best to watch and pray. For more interesting info, watch the “Belly of The Beast” by Justen & Wes Faull brothers on YT or buy the video which includes some of the best speakers and much more info. This DVD is more than 2 hours long and the info will blow your mind off. Available on
    However, when I had heard about that mega Mediterranean volcano from Mike( who works for the gov) on Pastor Begley’s channel about 2 years ago, my heart sank bcoz I had remembered the Scripture where the beast would arise from. I believe it is nearing. Blessings!!

  6. 85 million people died from WWII and GOD took 6 yrs to stop that ! SO all you people who are sceptic, have no faith, faith in Jesus and HIS Father! What really is eating at me is the 14 Billion Trump gave for vaccines and now he is tell to get them as he says he got one ! Did the Cabal get to him too ? He had 28 or more attempts on his Life and I am leaning towards divine intervention, like Trump is the Modern day Moses, but now I am disappointed and confused ! I too want to wake up from this nightmare like it never did happen ! I will die before I will take any vaccine shot or even go to a Dr. anymore ! NO one will talk about the Anthrax shots given to us Veterans (took 4) that never saved one life but ruined many ! That was the first vax Hoax for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ J

    • Hi J… I just saw your comment come in and wanted to address it immediately.
      Remember we stand together, you are not alone.
      I want you to think this through… the jab is NOT vaccine! It’s a poison substance that has never been approved. It does not work like a vaccine… not at all.
      Meanwhile it’s interesting that substances such as Ivermectin and others ARE classified as vaccine. You can check that out for yourself.
      President Trump has not been got to by the Ca/bal… not in the slightest.
      He advises vaccines (such as Ivermectin etc) not the poisonous jabs! If he was really behind that he would definitely be guilty of genocide!
      Also, please remember he has to be very ‘clever’ in what he says. If he had told everyone to go use natural substances he would have been totally crucified!
      We are in a war and they have to make careful warlike moves… as you say they are already after him with everything they’ve got.
      I want to direct you to my latest post to help you comprehend God’s love and the part we need to play.
      Be encouraged! We need to be able to see what is really taking place and not allow the enemy to confuse our minds.

    • Honestly, if he would have condemned it, they would have humiliated him on msm. If you followed Trump you would have known he pushed personal responsibility as you should have done your research. He didn’t take the jab, neither did his daughter. Thr picture was coded with a upcoming that led to a Google image tat said do not take it. The masses were still asleep and there would have been far more mayhem had he denied it. The best of the options was to promote and let military capture the bad elements and actors that thought they had bought him out so the agenda continued. They fell into a trap and it’s sad there was a huge loss in collateral damage but far less had the other path been chosen.. remember they supposedly have access to a looking glass which gives them probable outcome of choices. As this realm is the one of the only ones where time becomes a factor. It helps us learn consequence of action as new souls need to understand before making their ascension. If you have not seen this. You should pray andlook within yourself cause all answers lie there and this yndersyanding helps you in a sense graduate to the next.. it’s almost here. What timeline do you want to be on? Those that deal with tribunals or those that are risen before? But don’t think of it that way… as that’s not the reason anyone moves on simply cause they don’t wanna die, you have to find love in all things and wake up from deception.

      • Btw. I heard 13 stacks was 6m x 4m wide on pallets with detailed logs of where it was taken from. They very conceited in thinking they couldn’t be stopped so it was bragging rights in keeping such logs…

    • Thank you for your comment. I went in as a civilian national intel officer in Jun 2003. Yes, I received the first anthrax vax before departure, then the second one right before getting on the plane. By the time I hit the groundi had Hashimotos disease. I recovered but never took another.

    • The first big Vac hoax was the cause of the 1918 “Spanish Flu”. All “vaccine” are a hoax meant to slowly destroy the Creator’s perfect immune system. all virus and bacteria theories are a cover up for all the toxins the evil ones introduced on this planet, to blame it on an act of nature. “they create a Problem, that got reaction of the people is ask the powers that shouldn’t be to create a Solution” So they create a solution usually worst than the original problem. Allan Watts on Youtube explains on explains the “nature of the Control” he also explains how the Vatican (a city state) edited the Bible in 4th and 12th century to control the minds of the people to looking outside themselves for answers to problems in their lives. The Creator only speaks to you through your soul, higher self, or I call your sixth sense from with in. If that didn’t work, to control you they also created a 700 acre city state inside the city of London, that controls all Central banks of the world, IF that wasn’t enough to control you they also owned Washington DC also is “a city state” that had controlled the greatest military power on the Planet (Until Donald Trump was elected and is still the commander and Chief of the US military) all are owned by the Kasarian Mafia. watch all 35 episodes of the “Fall of the Cabal” on Rubble and Bitchute, or on their website. By having independent city states the Kasarian mafia don’t adhere to any of the laws of the democracies surrounding each of the city states. The Kasarian Mafia also owns and controls the “W.H.O.” and the “United Nations” and all major corporation of the world, which never shutdown or slowed down during covid-19 (C-the Sheep Surrender). they also owned and control every major mainstream media of the world to control the official narrative to scare billions of people of the world into taking their lethal injections for their depopulation agenda. They also had bribed and/or blackmailed most every major democracies government of the world so the government leaders of the world would would follow and implemt their orders . “Absolute power leads to absolute corruption” good people seek to empower others, evil people seek to get power over others.

  7. All of that wealth and still children are homeless and starving. The greed of people and organizations is unbelievable. If indeed a reset is needed it is needed for the demise of this kind of thing. Utopia is possible just not with these people involved.

    • Hi Clay!
      You are 100% right! This is one of the main reasons a reset is currently taking place. When the financial system is taken out of the hands of the Ca/bal, they will no longer have a method of transferring funds gained by nefarious means. We need the QFS to be finally announced and running for the people, but that will not happen until every last swamp creature has been destroyed.
      Keep the faith Clay… it will happen.

      • Marilyn, I agree with 99% of what you, the Alliance, Trump, White Hats, FLYNN, Juan O Savin, Dr. Charlie Ward, Mel K, Judy Byington, Lin Wood, Ann Vandersteel etc., BUT, I personally have not seen one thing that they all say is happening happen. I have lost family and friends trying to get people to understand & especially about the CHILDREN. As many say, it is for the children, and I’m with you on that. It is just that we in California see no – no change. No banking differences, no Government change. The only thing I’ve seen is the flashes at the White House & I was awake at 3 in the morning to see all the busses at the Capital, all the military in and out of the Capital & White House that one night in January of 2021.
        To me, NESARA is a dream, not a reality. To me, it is becoming Bull S.
        To me, it is nothing but promises & wishes, with Trump wanting money from me to keep his WHATEVER going. The reality of the Military in charge is a Fantasy, although it is probably real, we just don’t see one little thing.
        DUMBS – well if real, there is only talk about them. 24000 children in some of the DUMBS is a little hard to believe, but yet I think it is all true, just not seen. Trump & Alliance will never win over the people if not seen – & nothing is seen.
        GITMO is another NOTHING BURGER. Clones – my but – hangings – prove it – arrests, prove it. Very much a fantasy list of people that we wish are dead, arrested, hanged, inprisoned or totally out of commission.
        Soros – ha ha – his money is still making the Democrats rich and he still gets people elected.
        Pelosi, Schumer – ha ha – they still have a lot of power & they are using it daily.
        You can say these things are happening, & I believe they are to a degree, but I have no family or friends that will follow the research or believe me. They all think I’m just an old man full of conspiracy theory who believes anything told.
        Well, I’m a retired special forces guy with 20 years Navy, Retired. I’ve seen things you would not believe. I’ve had classified clearances that you would not believe. But I need to see something.

        • I feel your pain John! It is hard when we are being told this and that while it’s all being carried out so secretly that we don’t get to see the evidence of it happening.
          As a retired special forces guy etc, you would be really savvy. You’ve seen more than most of us together… you’re hardened in ways that would turn us to jelly… I appreciate that… but you also know the way things are carried out. You’ve been privvy to secrets that we never heard about…
          Our world is in a complete mess, worse than any of us had any idea about. We didn’t know the anything about what was going on under our feet, and the bit we did know completely pales in comparison to reality.
          We live in a time and in a world where it appears people like Pelosi/Biden/Johnson/Morrison and countless others are still running our countries… but on careful examination we can see they are not who they at first appear to be! No, not one of them. All gone. Different shaped eyes, chins, hair etc. etc. Look closely and you’ll see.
          What with the Vatican and Buckingham Palace etc all boarded up while it appears they both are out and about on their duties.
          Gitmo… nah, can’t prove anything! But there are lots of signs we can see… and we do know that the White House is being used for tribunals… a strange state of affairs when B/iden is supposed to be living there. Hmmm.
          Family and friends of us all are all exactly the same. Mask wearers that dumb them down to be unable to think critically. It’s a very sad state of affairs…
          But I do believe we are nearly through this. It’s not only what you are told, but what you ‘feel’. I do believe God is at the helm and and He’s more than had enough… the time for Him to act has come.
          Let’s decide to be strong in this difficult time, because it’s only as we stand against the tyranny in every little way we can, that it will draw to a close and the full disclosure can come forth.
          Thank you for sharing your misgivings etc, because there will be many who will relate to it. But do try to rise above the misgivings and into faith for a beautiful future.

          • I have followed this entire mess for 5 years. Pres Trump was and is anointed by God. Clearly, we do not see what is happening behind the scenes but it will be televised for 10 days, all will be seen except no photos of the hundreds of thousands of children rescued and those not alive. We are close, and the White House will be torn down along with the Capitol, Supreme Court etc. Turned into a park type place. Many tunnels deep under the White House running to all areas of gov’t. Nesara/Gesara is real, this is the year of Jubilee! God doesn’t lie. It was ready for 2000, but no president ever wanted to enforce. I’ve seen pictures of these tunnels and one with creatures inside that military decimated. So, they had to fight whatever was there before getting to the kids. It is all over the world not just here. Anything you see is a clone or CGI. Gitmo is full, they built another jail there and barges offshore full of these people awaiting their tribunal. The clones won’t last much longer, life span isn’t that long. The reason for these clones, as this military man above would know, they had to keep those in place because if only 1 or 2 arrests started, the people would likely rise up and cause chaos if they are still asleep and particularly liked the two individuals. Early on I figured it had to be a clean sweep done simultaneously, which appears couldn’t have worked, or done in this manner. It’s almost over, keep vibrations up, watch your emails every day as its time for the banks to send an email giving you an 800# to call for info where to go and get your new debit card, the QFS has gone through.

    • Do you know what loosh is? It’s the energy someone receives from another. Its like when a good spirited person enters the room the others tend to become happy as welk.. These people thrive on low vibrational energy. Low vibrational energy is given to strife, depression, war, anger, etc. So theydidnt want to save starving children, in fact you’ll find out soon they were trafficking and sacrificing them as well. It is a level of evil people will soon be awakened to..

  8. Marilyn, I just got here though a link at Telegram.
    It looks like we are walking along the same path.
    I am leaving a token of my appreciation for you and the readers.
    It’s the last part of a poem by Matthew Arnold called Dover Beach.

    Ah, love, let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.

    All the very best!

      • Marilyn, I am not that optimist as you are.
        But I do hope you are right!
        I think we are right in the middle of a terrifying clash between good and evil.
        That’s the message of the poem I sent to you and the readers.
        ‘’…”Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
        And we are here as on a darkling plain
        Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
        Where ignorant armies clash by night.”…

        Jorge Brown

        • Hello Jorge!
          We are in the middle of a potentially terrifying clash between good and evil… but we know the end of the story… God wins!
          We just need to buckle up our seat belts. The ride will be rough as we move towards the end of this journey… but once there, it will be glorious.
          There will be false flags everywhere. Some will tell of terrible things to come and how we must prepare because the D/eep S/tate are going to do this and that. Frightening stuff.
          Try not to look to the left or the right… keep focused. We are in good hands. We must continue to encourage each other.

  9. Yes I agree to your last response. There are 777 books found beneath the Vatican. Besides History books having to be rewritten so will the Bible. Also my boyfriend and I think the same about chemtrails stopping and the skies trying to right itself. I have followed Dane Wiggingtons site for many years. They sent me brochures for free to give to people. With two videos for me.

    • Hi Jeanne… nice to hear from you again!
      We are about to learn so much, I think it’s going to be mind-blowing.
      I hadn’t heard of Dane Wiggington before but I have just bookmarked his site for further examination. Looks really interesting.
      When I do see a ‘chemtrail’ in the sky, which is not often these days, I tell myself they are spraying hydroxychloroquine to heal the skies. If that is true, I have no way of really knowing, but I have heard that. I’d like to think it’s true… our world needs it. 🙂

  10. I am willing to believe ANYTHING evil about Roman Catholicism, Vatican Jesuits & Templars that orchestrated 4 evil Crusades. All that Templars & Jesuits have been about has been to create world government in opposition to Jesus Christ real justice of HIS Kingdom. The 21st century will expose the monstrous evil of Popes, Templars & Jesuits. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER for centuries is the Jesuits in the name of their POWER & CONTROL, Not Jesus’ Kingdom. DAMN the RCC to HELL

    • Hi Dennis!
      But before we point too many fingers towards the RCC, I believe many of us are going to be shocked when we learn what has been happening around the world in other churches! There are of-course, many wonderful believers in these churches.
      But, our eyes are about to be opened.
      Even what I have learned so far has sent me for a six.
      Just to be clear about this, I’m a Christian. I am not against gatherings of people who love the Lord, or in the many ways they do it… just against the infiltration of evil and people acting like they are Christians when secretly they are not… instead, they are worshippers of Satan.
      This is what I find so shocking!

      • I am not understanding the new end time change from what I was taught, rapture, marriage supper, christian judgment from our book of life after we are resurected and in Heaven. Crowns we earned to put at Jesus feet. Antichrist, 666 on hand or forehead. Now we go to the 5th demention and life happy everafter. Do not believe in reincarnation!!!!!. When are my dead love ones going to get there glorified bodies?

        • Hi Barbara!
          Oh I understand exactly where you are coming from. I too was taught in such a way even though I still have many, many questions. It has taken a real search throughout scripture and to see with new eyes that has opened up the way for me.
          If you read through my pages I believe you will begin to see what I see.
          Anyone teaching on Rev. prior to the current day we are living in didn’t really have the comprehension of what is being revealed to us all now.
          Working out who the beast is to me seems to be one of the most important aspects of understanding how current events line up with God’s Word.
          The more I hear about it, the more I believe that what I have written is very close to the truth.
          Melissa Redpill the World has a book out which is an amazing read. Eye opening.
          But you do have to be prepared to ask the HS to lead you into all truth… and He will… even if it’s different to what you may have been taught.
          I also do not believe in reincarnation…I won’t have a bar of it.
          I have not used the terminology of 5th dimension etc. It took me a long time to grasp hold of what they are referring to because I don’t see that kind of thing in the Bible.
          It really appears to me that we are currently right in the middle of the Battle of Armageddon… the evil ones will be dealt with… we are fighting the battle right now together with the Lord. This is it!
          I don’t expect you to understand that at this time because it’s all very different to how we visualised it to be.
          After Armageddon is the 1,000 years of peace…when Satan is locked up (no longer has any control over the Satanists and is rendered powerless)… then the Gog and Magog test battle… then our bodies being changed.
          Look, I don’t say I have all the answers… I wouldn’t say that for a minute… but I tell you what… once you grasp hold of all this it brings peace to your heart. No longer the fear of those terrible days. It is the ‘end of the world’ for the Satanists, not for us!
          Feel free to contact me further if you would like. 🙂

          • Dear Friends, We must understand that DISCLOSURE(and it is coming) is the understanding that we have been infiltrated by an ALIEN race many thousands of years ago. Yes the bible weaves a story from their time. There is more. Please listen to Dr. Paul Wallis on YOU TUBE. We must all come together to over come this tyranny. All religions are corrupt! Can you possible believe that from the 56 books from the St James Bible hold the real story? They found 700 more books under the Vatican. We cannot possibly the understand the whole picture. Time will reveal the true history of our planet. Love Valerie Much LOVE to all that come here!

          • Hi Valerie!
            I do hope you read my latest post. So much fearmongering around… about everything. Yes, all religions have been infiltrated, but doesn’t mean there is still not truth. Time will tell concerning all the books they found whether they are real or not. I do not believe, if God be God, that He would allow His Word to be removed almost completely from His people. There is more than sufficient in the current Word of God to show us what we must do if we wish to inherit eternal life. That’s the main thing. We must believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. Done!!!
            Thank you for sharing.

      • Part time truck driver and church pastor Timothy Dixon has said that the Almighty directed an angel to tell Dixon that a Jubilee is coming to the earth soon, directed by the Almighty. May be three militaries of nations that are in the Alliance have taken gold out of the Vatican underground vault. Mark Taylor told this prophecy on page 11 of 12 of Taylor’s 21 Prophecies. I think and hope minimual arguing will happen has to who this gold belongs to. America was ripped off by European banks to finance all 20th century wars through the evil Rothschild Federal Reserve bank.

        • Hi Dennis!
          Thanks for sharing this… much appreciated.
          I understand the Alliance is made up from selected worldwide military… all working together for the same common cause.
          Apparently, all the gold found under the Vatican and elsewhere, was completed documented as to where it came from. That’s amazing in itself isn’t it?
          What they have done is simply return the gold to whichever country it came from. No chance for arguments.
          Yes America definitely helped to pay for the wars, but so did many other countries. No-one has been left out of this Globalists’ tyranny.
          But as you say, the Jubilee is coming and I believe is almost upon us. What an amazing time for all.
          It is only right that God would use prophetic ministries to tell the world of what was to come.
          Thanks again.

      • It’s interesting what is happening with religion in particular RCC. Apocalipsis prophecies are very clear now, very precise, which I considered amazing. Even though, people ask for real evidences, (i.e. 650 planes full of gold and the large tunnel with it, with couple of shots of that would encourage people to believe more). But anyway, just take a look of the Holy Scriptures in Apocalipsis 17:5,6 and chapter 18 related to Babylon the Great = Religions and the RCC plays a very important role here.

        Quote: 17:5,6 On her forehead was written a name, a mystery: “Babylon the Great, the mother of the prostitutes and of the disgusting things of the earth.” 6 And I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the holy ones and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.

        Please read the whole chapter 18, but here an extract from it very interesting ….

        And the kings of the earth who committed sexual immorality with her and lived with her in shameless luxury will weep and beat themselves in grief over her when they see the smoke from her burning. 10 They will stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and say: ‘Too bad, too bad, you great city, Babylon you strong city, because in one hour your judgment has arrived!’ 11 “Also, the merchants of the earth are weeping and mourning over her, because there is no one to buy their full cargo anymore, 12 a full cargo of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, and scarlet cloth; and everything made from scented wood and every sort of object made from ivory, and from precious wood, copper, iron, and marble; 13 also cinnamon, Indian spice, incense, perfumed oil, frankincense, wine, olive oil, fine flour, wheat, cattle, sheep, horses, carriages, slaves, and human lives. 14 Yes, the fine fruit that you desired has left you, and all the delicacies and the splendid things have vanished from you, never to be found again. 15 “The merchants who sold these things, who became rich from her, will stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and will weep and mourn, 16 saying: ‘Too bad, too bad, the great city, clothed with fine linen, purple, and scarlet and richly adorned with gold ornaments, precious stones, and pearls because in one hour such great riches have been devastated!

        So, in My humble opinión, doesn’t matter if there’s no evidences of what You posted, the Holy Scriptures described their luxurious Life and for me is enough.

        By the way, Great comments by Dennis Richardson!

        Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more posts like this. Best regards, Mr. T

        • Hi Mr T… I agree we are looking fair and square into Bible Revelations as we speak! It’s amazing!
          We have all been lied to over countless generations but I praise God that the truth is revealing itself.
          All those who became rich through Babylon the Great that is, all those who sold their souls for the sake of fame and fortune, are all being dealt with and will be no more. These were all the minions of the N/W/O.
          Remember the ‘end times’ is referring to the end times for the Ca/bal (N/W/O), not the end times for us.
          And here we are right in the middle of what is symbolically written in Revelations, Joel, Ezekiel, Daniel etc. So how amazing is that?

    • Joel 2: 1 “Blow the Trumpet in Zion Sound the Alarm in My holy mountain”.
      My opinion, between September 7 and September 17, 2021, a Jubilee will happen. Almighty God will cause a stock market crash bankrupting many corrupt businesses upon corrupt New York City criminal stock exchange. Assets will be transferred into other hands for legal ownership. The tax payers will NOT bail them out. Look out for bank bail ins like Cyprus some years ago. Some banks will take your money in your bank account due to their false legal permission to do so, given them by courts and legislatures. Jubilee Let bankers jump out their windows upon their faces on Wall Street sidewalks.

      • Hi Dennis!
        Thank you for your thoughts on what you believe is to happen. Whether it happens on these dates or not, I also believe there will be a stock market crash at sometime. Yes, we all need to be vigilant and keep our eyes firmly on God above and the White Hats… it’s all coming together.

    • If you would like to know about the Jesuits, Catholicism and why they hate the KJ Bible. Listen to David Daniels on YouTube. Chick publications website.

  11. Quando i dumbs che sono sotto il mare vengono fatti saltare si riempiono di acqua.
    Il livello del mare Adriatico nella parte nord (dove abitavo) è calato di circa 20 centimetri.
    Questo è successo anche in Sardegna che si trova nel mare Mediterraneo.
    Per questo motivo c’è l’ipotesi che ci siano tunnel verso l’America.
    In Croazia, Slovenia,Serbia si sono formate delle voragini nel terreno a seguito di piccoli terremoti sempre a 10 km di profondità.
    Ciao ❤

    • Translation: When the dumbs that are under the sea are blown up they fill up with water. The level of the Adriatic sea in the northern part (where I lived) has dropped by about 20 centimeters. This also happened in Sardinia which is located in the Mediterranean sea. For this reason there is the hypothesis that there are tunnels to America. In Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, chasms formed in the ground as a result of small earthquakes always at a depth of 10 km.
      My response: Such interesting information… thank you Armida!

  12. People need to do some research on “DR” Charlie Ward. First, he is no doctor and he states as well in his interview by Project Camelot. That was the first question posed to him.

    Secondly, he is quite a shady character. I urge you to do some research on any/all the main video platforms: YouTube, Bitchute, Rumble. There are at least 5 out there that I have seen with overwhelming evidence he is quite shady.

    And possibly even a pedo or past pedo. Do some research.

    • Hi GS!
      Yes, he has a doctorate and is well able to use Dr before his name. He has made this quite clear in many of his videos.
      After coming out of a difficult beginning to life he had to find himself. During that time he got himself involved in things that he is not proud of these days, but not a lot different to a lot of young fellows. People do grow up and mature. He doesn’t hide it, he comes right out and states these things, in the endeavour of helping others who may have found themselves in these places.
      I have seen some of the ‘overwhelming evidence’ and it makes me sick that people are so quick to condemn. Let’s research them and see what we come up with.
      There is a lot of jealousy over Charlie and therefore the trolls that come against him.
      Calling him a pedo is about as bad as it gets when all the fellow is trying to do is tell the truth.
      People need to wake up and stop fighting each other… let’s just join together to fight the real enemy.

      • I really like Charlie Ward. I pay no attention to what anyone else says about who or what I like–I make up my own mind. And with Dr. Ward, I’ve decided he’s a very good man, very smart, spiritual…so I like him. And who likes likes, and who doesn’t like, oh, well. . .

        • I’m with you Dorothy!
          There are many trolls out there writing ‘stuff’ against him. He recently found out the who some of them were… got their address, phone number and the lot! Turns out they were people from ‘the other side’ who were doing their darndest to bring him down because of the information he shares.
          It’s very important that we don’t get caught up in that sort of thing… just ask… are they getting the message out there? If they are, keep quiet and let them do their job. That’s what I say!
          Thanks for your comment Dorothy!

      • I heard “I’m Just Charlie” say he got his degree on line.
        Someone tell me where I can get a PhD on line, please!
        I never heard of such a thing.
        Also, if he has the degree, his title should be
        Charles Ward, PhD.
        This Dr. title in front of his name isn’t how it’s done.

        I don’t know if he’s controlled opposition or not. I suspect not, but rather he’s just a paytriot making himself a nice buck and feeding his ego.
        He’s never said a single thing that wasn’t already reported but he acts like like he already knew everything.
        Telling us he signed Non-disclosures also smells off.

        • Hello Miss Adrienne!
          Just wondering why you feel you need to talk out about a man who doing all he can to share good news with people during a very dark time.
          As far as the course was concerned, I believe he studied online for 5 or 6 years to achieve it. There are many, many courses that are promoted online which are fully recognised.
          How is he making a ‘nice buck’? Apart from one or two health things which he has promoted on his site, he doesn’t charge any money. Those who wish to be on his Insiders’ Club pay 11 euro per month and he has publicly stated that if there is any money over, he will give it to his son.
          Many people have signed NDA’s so I can’t see what’s off there neither.

      • i read things like that but i dont believe it. he also said he was one of the ones who helped bring the Gold out.

        • Actually no-one is asking you to believe it Marlene… what we are asking you to do is research for yourself. Charlie was involved in organising the removal, not physically doing it himself.
          But dig deeper. You need to go to alternative sources not the msm… as they will tell you nothing.
          Happy digging!

      • Well said Marylin. I had doubts of Charlie as well. I have been reading your replies to comments made in this thread. What I see is exactly what your replies are, we are on the same page, the page of truth. We are supposed to be good Bereans and test everything against the scripture. Kind of hard to do if many books went missing under the vatican along with all that gold. But for those of us who have really discerning minds, we were the ones considered conspiracy theorists by most everyone else because we were being good Bereans. Truth is a hard nut to crack but that is life. And we are seeing the results of our long hours of digging, researching, the piecing together of all those strands of twine to create the most efficient net that a fisher of men created to help their fellow man sustain life in truth of our Creator. Not the web of lies created by satans spidermen fact checking us and telling us that we are incorrect for believing in truth and not believing the lies that they spin.
        Thank you for being a strand of twine in that net which will bring a bountiful harvest to our Father in heaven

        • Thank you so much Les! I really appreciate your words of encouragement, and for helping to bring comprehension to others. As Charlie likes to say, we are all just a little part of the overall puzzle… all are important… and as we share together we solidify the truth and thereby help others. Wonderful. Thank you again!

    • I have been wondering this so for quite some time. I’d really like to know where he gets his info from. I think some of these people are just gathering info from others and putting their spin on it, and trying to claim it.

      • Hello Roxanne!
        Charlie Ward is in direct contact with some of the high-up military. He cannot say who and is under an NDA which prevents him from saying a whole lot more than he does.
        We are not to take as gospel anything we hear from anyone, myself included.
        It is more that we plant seeds in the hope it will cause people to start doing their own research.
        It is very hard trying to bring truth to people when the source of what is going on is not direct or always clear.
        Yes, we do hear from each other and maybe do put our own spin on it, but all in the hope of reaching more people through our own connections.
        As for me, I don’t claim anything… I simply research and share what I find. I can’t do more than that.
        In my case, I try to line it up with God’s Word which is the ultimate truth.
        It’s been an exciting journey.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • Isn’t that how anything is produced. I heard him say this. She said that etc….Then we research from there. And if I hear it more than once I know it is legit usually.

      • The main sources are Trump and JFK Jr. Then their loyal patriots share the messages. At my computer (You Tube mainly) I had tons of choices to read from. Now they are giving me a slim choice of articles. Very strange. Censorship.

    • Apparently, you are an epic troll! Charlie Ward is being attacked by people that I used to follow but clearly, they have been waiting in the wind to drop bull crap about good people. One to mention here is Jordan Sather, a massive douchecanoe!!!

    • there are a lot of trolls campaigning against charlie ward. maybe you are one of them. come on, time to stick together in this

  13. Grazie per tutto quello che hai pubblicato.
    In Italia molti terremoti di lieve intensità
    Tutti a 10 km di profondità
    Anche nel mare Adriatico tra Italia e Croazia
    Si parla anche di un tunnel che collega l’Italia con l’America ….
    Buona vita

    • Translation: Thank you for everything you posted. In Italy many earthquakes of slight intensity All 10 km deep Also in the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Croatia There is also talk of a tunnel that connects Italy with America …. Good life

      My Response: My goodness, a tunnel to America! Still, my guess is that it could be true as I’ve got to the stage that nothing would surprise me anymore!
      Thank you Armida for sharing with us knowledge from the actual area. Much appreciated.

  14. Tell those facts to Catherine Austin Fitts, she probably will not believe it. Fitts probably does not believe in NESARA nor is she likely to believe in a Global Currency Reset. Well she said so. May be Fitts should talk to Judge Anna von Reitz regarding NESARA.

    • Hi Dennis!
      Not everyone will believe it, in fact, no-one should believe it without doing some pretty deep personal research for themselves. There are too many people relating their different stories, whether in the government or in the truth community. All I hope to do is steer people in the general direction of asking questions and seeking answers. This is what has been missing… many people do not question anything, which is sad.

        • Hi Billie!
          I have shared it on FB just as it is. To this point in time I’ve been fine. I try to keep under the radar as much as possible as there are many headings I would prefer to use but choose not to.
          Thank you for wanting to.

    • Will will not be in the Great Reset. That is evil One World Government. Davos, UN for example. We will own nothing and be Happening. We are going into The Great Awakening. Quantum Financial System. Nesara/ Gesara, Please go to Duck Duck Go or You Tube and put these words in individually. You will find out more. We will be well off.

  15. Hi Marilyn – thanks for your work, esp bringing in the Christian element to the great awakening and keeping us updated on the greatest story ever told :). Can’t wait to see the ending. I actually remember when this incident happened, I believe. I think it was around December – someone posted a video of the Vatican blacked out for several hours one night – we had no idea what happened until I heard later gene decode mention them finding and taking a vast amt of gold, ancient artifacts, missing books of the Bible, and meticulous records of everything taken. I remember Charlie mentioning the missing books once and he cited what is the apocrypha – the history of Israel – the time between the ot and nt. That hasn’t been hidden though not considered inspired scripture (I think I’m gonna go buy a copy and check it out.) I wonder if there are any inspired books that have been suppressed – that would be interesting and surprising. It seems that God has allowed the ds to do a lot of damage to society and the world, but would he allow part of the Word to be kept from us – hard to imagine but possible. And I’ve heard there’s even a possibility that the enemy has altered parts of what we have now as scripture ugh – conceivable depending on the character of the men who had access to the original manuscripts. Though I’ve never worshipped tho revered the Bible and have always seen it as Gods device to keep us pointing to Him.

    • Hi JayR!
      Thanks for your responses… great!
      It amazes me that the ds got away with it all for such a long time. How did God put up with it? For us, most of us had no idea it was going on… but He sees all! I know He makes no mistakes so it was all part of His perfect plan, but so hard for us to comprehend.
      Yes I think I would love a copy also…
      It’s going to be so interesting to learn the full truth as time goes on… what a privilege for us all!

      • The Apocrypha books are important ! Been studying them for 4yrs now. Go to Apocyraphal 1970 think it is called. Find Robert done extensive research . If you HV the keys it decodes the parables. Amazing!

      • As Q says and I believe this is what God is doing. “You cannot tell the people,you must show the people.We would not believe all the evil that is actually below us. They have destroyed most of the Satanist and reptilians. They have blowing up tunnels and DUMBS around the world for years saving the tortured children. People have been thinking they are small earthquakes. Watch Monkeyworks on You Tube. Although most ot the work is done. Unfortunately there will always be more. we must all remain ever vigilant exposing evil.

  16. So interesting, thanks for your hard work. Regarding the biblical findings, I think that the God that hung the stars and moons, separated darkness from light, and created every needful and beautiful thing , can keep all the books we need, in His care. His people have gone on to their rewards for centuries with Acts 2:38 and living dedicated Holy lives in His care. There are many relevant, yet only historical , written pages in our world. He is able to protect what is His. Live in what we have been given , and heed the warning in Revelation 22:18 – 21. God bless.

    • You are bat shit crazy not to even consider this a possibility. I’m not saying it’s fact, but you have to open your mind to the possibility of it. If you think for one minute the government has not had us enslaved for decades, then you really are nuts!! Do your own research and learn how you and your family have been screwed!

    • Your Evidence? Besides you’ve never heard anything like it and it sounds fantastic? Have you researched this at all? I think it’s funny people who actually dig and do research get mocked by those who have done absolutely none. Turn off your tv and do your own digging and research – you’ll find out who’s really b.s. crazy.

  17. Thank you! I’ve been going down this rabbit hole for over a year now . . . a relative “newbie” in this “Anon” world. I have seen most of Charlie Ward’s videos along with Gene DeCode’s info and completely concur with you. It is sad to see disagreements from people who have not done any research for themselves. God has directed my path to TRUTH and steered me away from false teachings/teachers. What you and u are doing is a calling/ministry. Stay strong, Sister! May God’s TRUTH prevail, may justice be rendered, and may our world soon be aright as He determines! WWG1WGA

    • Hi Patty!
      Thank you for you kind words… it’s such an encouragement to me to hear them.
      I didn’t ask for it, but felt very strongly that I need to help get this kind of information out… using my words, and my style.
      God is good.
      I have come to really like Nicholas Veniamin as well… he mainly asks questions of those he interviews and allows them to explain. Nice and simple, easy to understand.
      Thanks again Patty!

  18. Hi Marilyn,
    I am blown away that i read you artikel. I am living in Bulgaria in a town named Plovdiv, and it looks like it is on the route of that tunnel. Next to Plovdiv we have a catholic town called Rakovski. It is famous for beeing catholic, because the Pope visted it a few months ago. Normaly everyboday here is orthodox.
    We had a strange earthquake exactly at this place, at Mai 1st 2020.
    It was short and strong, only abput 2 seconds. Now I am not a seismologue, but it felt strange somehow.
    If you hear now stroies about DUMPS (deep military underground bases) where eathquakes are happening, seeming that they are blown up, do you think that there could be a connetction between Vatican, that tunnel, the town Rakovski … perhaps the tunnel is interrupted now …
    or is it too strange to think that way.
    Thanks for your comments! 🙂

    • Hi Mitko!
      How exciting to hear from someone who lives in the general area! Thank you so much for contacting me.
      It does sound very suspicious about their being a (Du/mb) under Rakovski, doesn’t it. Especially if everywhere else around the area is more orthodox.
      It wouldn’t be on the direct Vatican to Jerusalem route, but there are so many scattered here and there.
      I definitely don’t think it’s too strange to think as you are. I think it’s more that you are ‘awake and aware’ and joining the dots together!
      There is every chance that Rakovski had a link to the main Vat-Jer tunnel and what you heard was more than possibly it being destroyed, which is wonderful, don’t you think?

    • Hi Mitko, I have only read this article now, presented by a “International Press show” called “Connect the dots” which is one of our best truther canals in Germany. Well, you confirmed everything I said as soon as I learned of this earthquake last year. Our friend in Sarnegor (30 km from Rakovsky) told us that suddenly the sofa he was lying on went trembling for a short time and I said at once “they blew up tunnels there”. First I had thought it was in Plovdiv, but of course you may be right with Rakovsky, too. And then they announced another earthquake for the next days on TV, remember? But that never occured, as far as I know.

    • No, you are correct. Small earthquakes all over the world. Military with other countries have been saving the caged, tortured children in tunnels and Dumbs. Then they blow them up and move on to the next diligently. Monkeyworks…You Tube. They show all of our planes in flight. Af1, Af2 and fighters, blackhawks etc. They have all gone over my house repeatedly as I am on a flight line. He also show the barges that go down to GItmo.

  19. Es ist verwirrend und nicht leicht zu Glauben, wobei mich nicht das Gold Interessiert, dass kann man auch nicht essen, denn ich denke wenn einer Hunger hat braucht er ein Stück Brot und einen Schluck sauberes Wasser, dass Sollte es für alle auf der Welt geben.

    • Translation: It is confusing and not easy to believe, although I am not interested in the gold, that you can not eat either, because I think if someone is hungry he needs a piece of bread and a sip of clean water that should be there for everyone in the world.

      Absolutely true!

      • Marilyn, thank you for your hard work. Please re-read Revelation, and you will find there are three separate books, of 7 chapters, all written to first century Christians who were being tormented and killed. The message of Revelation? Yes, you are going to be tormented and killed. But that’s just the body, the soul has salvation, so Hallelua Anyway. Dan 12 says seal up the words of my prophesy, it’s going to be a long time, 3 1/2 YRS, a long time. John uses the same apochraphyl language as Daniel. But John says , don’t seal up the words of my prophesy for “these things MUST SHORTLY come to pass”. Now using scripture to intrepret scripture if a long time was 3 1/2 yrs, who would think John’s “shortly” would be 2000 yrs later. And no, day for a yr doesn’t hold water

        • Hi Jim,
          Thank you for sharing your understanding of Revelations with us. I must say, that in recent times as I’ve studied Revelations from the light of what is happening in the world during this time, I’ve done a complete shift.
          Look the truth is this… you may be right! I may be right… or we could both be completely wrong… only time will tell.
          The important thing is that we live each day for the Lord and pray always to remain in His will.

    • Hi Stacy,
      I believe it’s worldwide. Everyone has been through the same. ‘They’ have found ways to steal from us all.
      Don’t worry, there will be more than sufficient to go around!
      Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Tja, an einem Ort muss man das Gelbezeug lagern und Amerika ist sogut wie der Mond. Doch sollte man es nicht schon wieder überbewerten, man muss die Lebensmittelspekulation von den Börsen entfernen und dann wird der Hunger auf der Welt zu beseitigen möglich sein.

      • Translation: Well, in one place you have to store the yellow stuff and America is as good as the moon.But if we do not overestimate it again, we must remove food speculation from the stock exchanges and then the hunger in the world will be able to be eliminated.

        I believe that all the world hunger problems will disappear just as soon as Nesara/Gesara are fully implemented.

        • Hope so ready for movie to end, I took David Wilcock class last year , he talked about Vatican to Jerusalem tunnel said in eqypt you can dig all over and find stuff but it’s illegal, I’m to the point just want peace , money doesn’t mean that much for some reason. Gene decode talked about it to and the books of the Bible that are missing. Ready to clean earth up

          • Hi Diane!
            I think we have all come to a place where we’d like to see this thing wrapped up. I guess we just have to make sure we are enjoying the journey along the way. We know the destination but not all the little twists and turns we have to take to get to that destination. LOL, Charlie says something l like that and I believe it to be so true.
            I do believe this year will be a real eye-opener one way and another… so keep your ear to the ground and your faith in/on the Lord!

        • I’ve been in the truth community for quite some time and research extensively. I fear Nesara is not real, as much as I’d like for it to be. With the amount of money, gold, and assets the Cabal has everyone on eart could be paid at least 100 grand. Rough estimate, but that’s what people should hope and wait for. That’s not what we should look forward to.
          We need to set our eyes on the real truth and hope for this world, and that is Jesus Christ. Him only.

          • Hi Hilary!
            I totally agree with you… Jesus is the ONLY answer. I do believe in the Jubilee though. Anyway, with all of this, only time will tell. It’s an exciting ride as the Cabal are being exposed and truth is coming forth. With Jesus, it’s all good and I think more and more people are beginning to believe that God has to be involved in all of this. That’s my prayer.

    • No, it belongs to the entire world, plundered for thousands of years. There are quadrillions, not mere trillions, billions, but quadrillions recovered, and it will go to America for now, to be later shared with the entire world to their needs; food, water, medicine, education, transportation, whatever they need for a peaceful, happy, free life upon the Earth.

      • Exactly Michael. I want the children to be cared for and rehabbed. Then the poor. Veterans. There are Med beds being set up for release after Nesara is activated. They will heal the mind. 6000 different maladies. They can regrow limbs. The downtrodden are important. I do not think we will get all of the money promised at once or it would shut down the economy but we will not be scrimping from one day to the next anymore.

  20. This article is utterly ludicrous! Anyone who knows basic math can tell you that there is no way there was a quantity of gold that equaled 60 metres high, by 120 metres wide…
    and went for 150 miles. Because there has only ever been mined across the world 190,000 tons of Gold! the weight of gold is 1206 lbs per cubic foot. The cubic feet of Gold that was supposedly found under the vatican would have weighed 74 trillions pounds or 37 billion tons! There is probably not that much gold in the physical universe! Secondly there is not enough gold in the world to match all of the worlds currency one for one, that is an absolute insane premise!

    • Hi jb,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve actually removed that last update from my website as on just checking it I found the video was no longer working. Thank you for causing me to check on it. I didn’t want the information to be there without the backup of that video by Gene Decode.
      From all the information I’ve been given, there is more than enough gold in the world to easily back up all the world’s individual currencies. The amount of gold is absolutely huge and far more than anyone ever imagined. It was stockpiled in various places, hidden from the world’s view.

      • What about your statement that covid was a distraction for the alliance to drain the swamp and raid the Vatican. Can you admit that was incorrect? No swamp has been drained, the powers that be are still the same. Don’t mislead people otherwise.

        • Hi Jon,
          No, I can’t retract the statement. So many of the ‘powers that be’ have already been dealt with, and what we are seeing now are body doubles or actors in masks. Potentially clones too although I cannot say for sure about that.
          You may ask why that would be?
          It’s because the White Hats need the previous narrative to continue running while the rest of the plot works out. I don’t know the plot and therefore cannot comment on that, except from my research that is how I understand the situation.
          I encourage you to research. My job is simply to cause people to research. I don’t expect everyone to simply believe what I say.
          Thanks for your comment Jon.

    • There is no possible way for anyone to know exactly how much gold has been mined, and horded away, When gold itself is virtually useless, and no-one needs it. The Native Americans, Inca’s, and many other long lost civilizations had gold that was stolen from them, and who really knows how long people have been collecting the mineral. The biggest gold mines are not known. Someone could have found a golden island somewhere and kept it secret, and the gold that’s in that tunnel is that island which doesn’t exist anymore.

      • Hi Russell,
        Yes I agree with you… how could anyone know exactly how much gold has been mined… totally.
        Thank you for sharing that.
        The amount found under the Vatican is so huge that it blows the mind.
        How very sad it is that these places have simply stored it away while people all over the world have been starving, or not having any idea where their next meal is coming from.

    • Sure there is enough gold to back all the currencies, just raise the price of gold. If there is that much gold underground, the above ground quantities will drop in price unless the new stash is kept secret. Gold was $325 oz. in 2003, it may be headed there again.

      • Hi Roger!
        All the currencies around the world will be gold-backed. There will be no such thing as inflation/deflation, and no need for it.
        1US$ = 1AUD$ = 1 Vietnamese Dong = 1 Iraqi Dinar etc. etc. etc. and will remain this way. A level playing field.

  21. I just discovered your site. I want to see the video that’s supposed to be on this page but there is NO link to a video anywhere except the next and prior ones. Please put the link up so I can watch the video, More Gold than you can imagine. Thank you.

    • Hi Tom!
      I didn’t actually have a video posted on this post. Never-the-less, I’ve been searching through the many Charlie Ward videos to see if I could find where he speaks of it. I know he’s spoken about it many times. Unfortunately, his youtube channel was taken down. He moved all his videos over to other places, such as Bit Tube, but they don’t appear in order any more. If you go through some of his videos you just may find where he speaks about the gold specifically.
      When I find one of them, I will see if I can post it for you and others.
      Thank you for alerting me.
      Much appreciated.

    • Thank you Ken! It still boggles the mind to imagine how they could keep so much stored away, when just a little of it could relief so much suffering. But then again, that’s how these people work, isn’t it!

      • Can you tell me if the books recovered from the Vatican are books of the Bible and if we, the people, will ever be able to know what they say? I also have a question about whether or not chem trails will be stopped now, and the poisoning of our crops and GMO altering of our food.

        • Hi Debbie,
          According to what Dr Charles Ward and others say, there are many books recovered from the Vatican that are supposed to be a part of the Bible. If this is so, as Nesara/Gesara is rolled out and the Quantum Education System begins, I’m quite sure these books will become available to everyone. Out whole education system will go under a review and be rewritten to line up with facts instead of the D]eep S]tate’s fantasy.
          I have heard, but I really do not know if it’s true or not, that the old chemtrails have already been stopped. What you now see in the sky is some kind of substance that is designed to clean up the skies and rid the toxins and chemicals out of the air. As for me, I’ve stopped looking up at the skies and wanting to shoot them with a laser gun! LOL… I say to myself… these are from the White Hats… no more Black Hats!
          Am I correct? I cannot say, but it makes me feel better!
          Once Nesara/Gesara are being fully rolled out, all our food supply will be cleaned up. All the things you and I hate about what they’ve done to our food will be stopped. I don’t know how this will be, or how quickly, or anything else…
          Thanks so much for contacting me Debbie!

          • I also heard from “She Knows” on You Tube that Chemtrails would or are being stopped. I need to go to my go to site and hear the latest talk by Dane, if he knows anything. He has a weekly show. His lists are there and dated… With all the other things I have to do…lol I have 60 windows open. I also give a lot of people information. Housecleaning? What’s that?!

        • The Bible was put together over time. It was the Vatican’s decision what to include. What to leave out. Over the years our Catholic Bibles have been sold with fewer sections. The work goes on! It seems ‘the Bible’ is a collection of scriptures that is whatever some people decide it is.

          • It’s a worry! It causes concern when people who may have devious means are saying what goes in and what doesn’t!
            When you look at the overall of how the n/w/o have been in charge of what happens, it isn’t good.
            All we can do is have faith that God made sure the most important parts have remained intact.
            God wins!

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